SANY Mini Excavators

SANY Mini Excavators offer world-class configuration and high performance.

Designed for use in confined spaces, urban construction and landscaping, SANY’s SY16C and SY35U mini excavators are equipped with a Tier 4 final engine ensuring low emissions and higher efficiency, which are a new choice to the people who are looking for 1.82 to 3.86-tonne excavators.


The SY16C and SY35U are more powerful than the same-tonnage excavators offered by other brands. The SLSS-Load Sensitive Hydraulic System facilitates accurate flow distribution to improve work efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

The enhanced hydraulic system means the mini excavator handles larger workloads in the same time and produces more profits for machine owners. Many Australians are fortunate enough to own a house on a large area of land – a mini excavator is a great tool for homeowners when doing renovations and landscaping. The SY16C and SY35U are specially-designed to meet such needs.

The bucket width of the SY16C is 445mm, which is wider than regular buckets. Its max digging height is 3665mm and max digging depth is 2360mm, which enables the mini excavator to load more soil or material at a time. The width of its retractable undercarriage can be adjusted between 980mm and 1350mm, while the machine’s minimum swing radius is 1655mm, ensuring the mini excavator’s accessibility into spaces narrow than 1m. In addition, the highly-efficient engine drives the SY16C’s operation at a fast swing speed of 10r/min, which provides the mini excavator with higher efficiency, ensuring that construction work is completed quickly.


Equipped with a customised Yanmar engine, the SY35U can reduce fuel consumption by 9.2 per cent and increase efficiency by 3.3 per cent, saving owners time and money. SANY’s mini excavator includes a large engine hood, ensuring easy accessibility to key components. Owners can open the hood to reach all parts, making maintenance more convenient. What’s more, labour costs are waived for the first three repairs within the warranty.

SANY, a newcomer to Australia, is dedicated to bringing cost-effective machines and a convenient user experience to local customers.


Seeing is believing. Demo and stock machines are available in the Sydney warehouse offering customers site inspection and test drive for further knowledge about the SY16C and SY35U. You can make a reservation before you go to the warehouse: Unit 3/42 Lisbon St, Fairfield East Nsw 2165.


The SANY Group was founded in 1989 as a small welding materials factory. Today, it is the largest construction machinery corporation in China and the fifth-largest globally. It is also listed among the world’s top 500 companies in the construction machinery industry.

SANY is the leading brand in China for concrete pumping machinery, excavators, crawler cranes, rotary drilling rigs and coal mining machinery.

Each year, SANY allocates between 5 per cent and 7 per cent of its total sales revenue to R&D projects, with the goal of providing even more world-class products for customers everywhere.

A world-leading manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment, SANY has 10 key industrial parks in China and the rest of the world, offering clients both at home and abroad outstanding products and service. With manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, India and Brazil, SANY is the first Chinese construction machinery company to invest in these countries. What’s more, SANY merged with Germany’s Putzmeister and invested in Austria’s Palfinger. So far, SANY has established 10 global sales regions covering Africa, Asia-Pacific, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America. The company has been recognized as one of the most innovative and successful companies in the world, and its concrete machinery is ranked No. 1 globally.

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For more details:

Call: 1800 GO SANY (1800 467 269)

Website: www.sanyglobal.com

Email: sales31@sanygroup.cn


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