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SANY Mini Excavators head into Australian market with the best price


SANY, the largest construction machinery manufacturer in China and the fifth largest in the world, is now expanding its mini excavator business to Australia.

Although SANY excavators are well received in more than 100 countries around the world, and have dominated the Chinese market share for six consecutive years, SANY is a lesser known manufacturer in Australia. SANY Australia now cooperates with SANY E-Business Centre for a mini tonnage excavator promotion in 2018.

Demo and stock machines will be available for customers in Sydney.


The promotion is aimed to help more Aussie customers know about SANY and the main product’s characteristic – diligence.

“Actually, diligence is not the only characteristic of SANY mini excavators.

SANY machines are well-known for high efficiency and stability. However, diligence is one of the main traits for Chinese people,” Zhang Kai, the General Sales Manager of SANY E-Business Centre who is also the planner of the promotion project.

“We’re trying to make a connection between SANY mini excavators and the Chinese people to help raise Australian awareness of qualified Chinese products,” he mentioned. “Even though SANY is a relatively new brand to Australia, we hope people will get to know more about SANY and our products through this big promotion,” Zhang said.

“To better implement the promotion in the Australian market, SANY E-Business Centre is working hard and striving to offer higher quality mini excavators with lower prices,” said Zhao Hongcai – Marketing Manager from SANY E-Business Centre.



The mini tonnage excavator promotion offers six preferential benefits and conditions for Aussie customers:

1. Free China Tour: Customers who purchase five excavators can get two free round-trip tickets from Australia to China

2. Service package: Customers can receive a one-year maintenance parts, toolbox and maintenance instruction manuals for free

3. Special gifts: Customers can get a high simulation excavator model and a set of Chinese black tea after purchasing a SANY excavator

4. Premium configuration: The latest models are designed for high-end market with premium configuration and affordable prices

5. Spot supply and door-to-door delivery service: SANY will soon offer stock machines and home delivery service for customers in Sydney

6. Dealer Supporting Program: Newly joined dealers can enjoy more benefits and supports from SANY than ever before!


In China, SANY has seven industrial bases; Abroad, SANY owns four R&D and manufacturing bases in India, America, Germany and Brazil. At present, the business of SANY Group has covered over 190 countries and regions all over the world with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. As a young member of manufacturer, SANY entered the excavating machinery industry in 2002. And SANY only took nine years to become the sales leader in the Chinese market with 21K units been sold in 2011. It’s worth mentioning SANY is also the first Chinese manufacturer who replaced Western brands’ entrenched positions up to 20 years in the industry.

SANY consider quality first – all SANY made equipment will need to complete quality assurance systems before delivery to customers. Meanwhile, SANY also devote into charitable activities, successively participating in the Wenchuan China earthquake relief operation in 2008, mine rescue in San Jose, Chile in 2010, and Japan Fukushima nuclear plant rescue in 2011.

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SANY reserves the right to update the details and awards of promotion at any time.
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