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Sandvik Mining launches high impact RH460 hammers for DTH drills

Sandvik Mining has released a new range of high-impact energy down-the-hole (DTH) hammers, giving higher levels of productivity and reliability, while delivering lower operating costs.

Sandvik’s new RH460 series of DTH hammers have been designed to give drilling operators high penetration rates and longer service life.

They incorporate features developed to optimise impact-energy transmission into the rock, while using very few parts, ensuring reliability, easy service, and fast operation.

“Our new RH460 hammers have been developed to higher provide impact energy and drill performance, maximising productivity in almost all ground conditions,” said Des Leonard, Sandvik Mining’s Product Manager DTH Tools.

“The RH460’s design allows it to prolong hammer life and increase drilling penetration rates.

“In addition, it uses an enhanced air cycle which results in reduced fuel consumption,” he said.

“Power levels have also been increased through better lubrication capabilities and increased resistance against galling, combined with advances in the piston bearing design.

“The end result is that piston and hammer life are dramatically increased,” Leonard said.

The new Sandvik RH460 series DTH hammers will initially be available in two 5 inch sizes, the RH460 5 inch and the RH460g 5 inch.

The complete RH460 will consist of five standard size hammers from 3½ inches to 8 inches, with all versions designed to use bits with generic shank types.

The 4 inch size will become available during the second half of 2013, followed by the remaining sizes.

Brief specs of the first two sizes are:

RH460 5 in: Weight, 67 kg; outside diameter, 120 mm; hammer length, 1067 mm; operating pressure, 10-24 bar.

RH460g 5 in: Weight, 75 kg; outside diameter, 126 mm; hammer length, 1067 mm; operating pressure, 10-24 bar.

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