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Same CAT Motor Grader, New Model Numbers

The Cat® Motor Grader legacy dates back more than 85 years, having earned a reputation for innovation and high performance.

For much of this time the Motor Grader Model numbers have featured either a two or three-digit number followed by a letter designation, with the numerals remaining consistent and the letter typically changing with the release of a new model.

Earthmoving Equipment Magazine catches up with Caterpillar Product Specialist Darren Hodge to announce a major change in the identification of Cat Motor Graders

The current Cat Motor Grader model numbers and letter designations don’t easily identify with size or application – which can be confusing particularly where customers are researching equipment via digital platforms, Mr Hodge explained.

“From 2020, the Cat Motor Grader line up will simplify the model names, remove the letter series designation and identify them by construction or mining class. We have often been asked what the model 12M means compared to a 140M? Is the number referencing weight, horsepower or blade size? The answer is neither,” Mr Hodge explained.

“Similarly, why do we have a two-digit number for some models and three for other, such as the 12M, 140M or 14M.”

In 2020, the Motor Grader nomenclature (model names) will change to identify the model name relative to its size in the model lineup.

“Simplifying the model names will better help customers identify the size range and the machine’s place in either the construction or mining class,” Mr Hodge said.

“Our construction class models will be identified with a three digit number from the smallest to largest model: 120, 140, 150, 160; while the mining class will be identified with two digit number (14, 16, 18 and 24) representing the blade length.”

  • The 12M model name will be replaced by the number 140
  • The 140M model name will be replaced by the new 150 model number
  • The 160M model name will be replaced by the 160 model number
  • The 120M model was recently replaced by the new 120 model

“It is a simple new nomenclature system representing either the construction and mining class, relative size or blade length with no change to their weight, power, design or industry leading features,” Mr Hodge said.

EEM: Why is the 12M model motor grader nomenclature being removed? There has been a Cat 12 Motor Grader model for 81 years – since 1938.

Hodge: Continuing to use the “12” as a two-digit model doesn’t fit with the rest of the construction models using three digits. It is important to note we have not reduced the available models, there will be just as many model and price options in the future as there are today.

EEM: Do simplified model numbers mean fewer options?

Hodge: Not at all. In fact, customers will have more opportunity to configure graders for their specific needs, jobs and applications than they have in the past. Our new 120 replacing the 120M is a good example of this. Customers will have the choice of joystick steering and implement controls or steering wheel and lever controls, scalable blade control technology and reduced maintenance for drawbar, circle and blade options.

EEM: The 12 model number designation has been around for a long time. How do you think customers will accept the change?

Hodge: The No. 12 has adorned Cat machines for more than 80 years, the longest of any model number in the company’s motor grader product line-up. However, since the 1970s significant sales volume worldwide had shifted from the 12 to 140 size.

I expect customers will be accepting of this change, as we will continue to focus on addressing customer demands with an expanded product line together with a range of service and support offerings.

The Cat Motor Grader line-up has always featured leading edge technology irrespective of the model name, helping owners to achieve productivity advantages and assist operators to achieve greater levels of control in grading applications.

It is a simple change to model names, but the same range of Cat machines, same class leading technology and the same host of features that owners and operators worldwide value.

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