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Safety First When Excavating

Dial Before You Dig

Dial Before You Dig is a not-for-profit national community service that helps excavators get in contact with the owners of underground infrastructure anywhere in Australia. Safety is a fundamental aspect of any excavation project, therefore Dial Before You Dig should always be the first point of call.

Protecting Australia’s underground assets is vital in keeping essential services such as gas, electricity, water and telecommunications flowing to the community. The process is simple: the digger needs to advise us on where they intend to excavate. They can lodge a free online enquiry at available on web and mobile platforms, or contact the call centre on 1100 during business hours. The details of the excavation activity are then sent to infrastructure owners with underground assets in the dig site, who then provide information on the location of their pipes and cables back to the excavator.

Damaging pipes and cables can lead to service interruptions, delays to the project and costly repair bills for the excavator – and hitting gas and electricity pipes can lead to injury, or even death.

Dial Before You Dig offers free Awareness Presentations on safe excavation.


Dial Before You Dig

[colored_box color=”yellow”]These presentations are a great addition to Toolbox and Safety meetings. If you would like further details please contact Simon in the Victorian office on 0455 188 850 or[/colored_box]

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