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Safe, swift attachment changes with Rammer and Steelwrist

A Rammer Adapter Plate

In some applications the need for attachment changes is almost continuous and it can be time consuming task. Rammer Adapter Plates – designed in collaboration with Steelwrist – offer significant advantages in terms of efficiency, safety, and ease of use for hydraulic attachment changes.

Fully automatic Quick Coupler system

A Quick Coupler is a heavy-duty industrial equipment enabling rapid and efficient changes of various attachments on carriers.

They are designed to utilise the carrier’s hydraulic circuit to facilitate the swift interchange of different attachments. In this context, the Rammer Adapter Plates serve as the lower component of the Quick Coupler.

The Rammer Adapter Plates are specifically engineered to be bolted onto Rammer rockbreakers, forming an integral part of the quick coupler system.

Rammer-ready adapter plates allow fully automatic attachment changes, eliminating the need for manual intervention while minimising leakages and pressure drops. No need to close valves, bleed the system or purge for trapped gases.

Rammer Adapter Plate is ideal for operators who need to change between a rockbreaker and a bucket several times a day as it allows switching between different hydraulic attachments in a few seconds without leaving the excavator cabin.

A Rammer Adapter Plate
A plug-and-play hydraulic quick coupler system increases uptime for operators.

Faster attachment changes and minimised risks

Time-saving attachment changes: The Rammer Adapter facilitates a plug-and-play hydraulic quick coupler system increasing uptime as operator can connect and disconnect the attachment from the excavator cabin within seconds.

The Rammer Adapter Plates can reduce the time to switch between attachments by up to 10 minutes compared to manual changes, providing a quicker and more efficient process.

Safety: Changing hydraulic attachments without leaving the cabin not only saves time but also minimises the risk of accidents and oil spillage, enhancing both safety and environmental concerns.

Productivity: The features such as hose routing, component sizes, and specifications are engineered to reduce back pressures. Lower back pressures contribute to trouble-free and more productive operations by ensuring smoother hydraulic performance and minimising potential system issues.

Premium components, light frame, and Qplus technology ensure up to 25 per cent higher flows.

Overall, the Rammer Adapter Plates not only streamline operations but also prioritise safety and reduce downtime in applications where continuous attachment changes are required.


Rammer Adapter plates suit for fully automatic quick couplers such as Steelwrist that are in compliance with Open-S – the open industry standard for fully automatic quick couplers.

Customers can order their new Rammer rockbreaker with matching adapter plate directly from their local Rammer dealer.  Adapter plates can also be purchased separately providing a versatile solution for operators who want to adapt their current hydraulic attachments to work with fully automatic quick coupler systems.

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