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New Mustang R Series skid steer loaders combine toughness with an Australian flavour.

Manufactured in the USA, the all new Mustang R Series Skid Steer loader range is an excellent combination of robust, rugged and durable manufacturing, and an adherence to the modern requirements of Australian consumers. Mustang Skid Steer loaders have been sold in Australia for almost 50 years by Tutt Bryant Equipment, and their history now touches a new high water mark with the successful introduction of the new R series.

The R Series continues with the traditional Mustang trademark of heavy duty design best recognised by its robust axles and lift arms that are supported by a massive chassis.

The new large-frame skid steer loaders are popular among contractors, landscapers, and excavation companies due to their excellent ground engaging capabilities and high capacity strength. They’ve also been a constant friend of demolition contractors all over Australia on the back of a well won reputation for toughing it out in the most challenging of conditions.

On the performance side of the ledger the new R series units are without peer. They are fitted with high torque Yanmar engines providing excellent drive and outstanding reliability. The 1350R model weighs in at 2400kg and provides 35kW of power with a lift capacity of 680kg. The Mustang 1650R is an exceptional model, the highest in its class. It is driven by a 52kW engine, weighs in at 2800kg and is rated at 816kg capacity.

The units are fitted with 207 Bar Hydraulic pressure for outstanding break out force and auxiliary functions.

A significant upgrade in the new units are the ergonomically designed cabins providing operators with a quiet and comfortable operators station with outstanding visibility.

The controls are very user-friendly and the instrument panel is a breeze to monitor and utilise. The serviceability of any skid steer is always a challenge but the new Mustang range differs from the norm featuring a large engine cover and rear engine door for quick access. The Mustang has a full swing out cooler for excellent rear engine bay access, whilst the easy oil and filter changes minimise down time.

The new R series comes standard with a host of features and capabilities not previously featured in predecessor models notwithstanding the same rugged, robust and tough build that has become a hallmark of Mustang’s Skid Steers over the years.


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