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Rough And Tough


The 385B skid steer is built for hard, productive days and endurance in the long haul.

Precision operation of a skid steer starts with better weight distribution. The LiuGong 385B Skid Steers get it right with better balance, stability and lift control.

The narrow stance and panoramic view combine for superior handling and control in tight quarters between buildings and walls and inside trailers. With a dump clearance height of 2425mm and with a lift speed of 4.1 seconds, dump at 2.4 seconds and float down of 2.2 seconds, they are quick all around.


LiuGong machines are designed, built and tested for extreme-duty applications. The 385B Skid Steers are no exception. The new integrated monoblock frame provides a solid, rigid foundation for long, hard, productive days. The beefy, box section loader arms match the strength and durability of the frame, make the 385B Skid Steers long lasting and reliable machines for all applications – from high-cycle construction and mining applications to farms, nurseries and ports.

The 385B Skid Steers don’t just look better, they last longer. Many thousands of hours of real-world testing were spent on the development of the new skid-steer, and the result is machines that not only please our customers, but machines that also live up to the strict quality standards that LiuGong mandates.


The 385B features double-lever pilot control for sure, simple, effortless operation. The hydrostatic transmission system provides infinite speed control so operators can inch through critical areas with no extra space, but still travel quickly over large areas. Spring applied, hydraulic release brakes allow the operator to position the machine exactly where needed, and hold it there for pin point accuracy on precision jobs. They also have hydraulic self-levelling, especially useful for pallet fork applications.

The universal LiuGong quick-coupling system makes for fast, easy changes with the complete line of LiuGong attachments, plus the 385B can pick up existing attachments, from any suppliers that the customer may already own.



The cabs are extra-large and uncluttered, with plenty of leg, elbow and headroom.

Controls are intuitive and ergonomically placed for simple, effortless, fingertip control.

The large, curved windows and well-placed mirrors eliminate much of the operator twisting and turning you find with other machines. The 385B Skid Steers feature a full suspension seat that is fully adjustable.

The ROPS & FOPS certified structural cab design greatly reduces both vibration and sound levels – for better operator comfort and superior communication between operator and other personnel around the worksite.


The large, swing-open tailgate provides convenient access to routine maintenance points in the 385B Skid Steers. There are no radiators to move, lift arms to raise or lift-arm support devices to install. Maintenance ports for the hydraulic system on the 385B have been placed in convenient locations for quick inspection. The cab can be tilted back up to over 80° to replace the engine oil filter and hydraulic oil filter. Radiator for cooling water and hydraulic oil are located in the front of machine for easy maintenance and daily check.


The 385B Skid Steers come with a range of options to help customers meet their job requirements and performance needs. The list includes high-flow hydraulics, heater and air conditioning, enclosed ROPS/FOPS Cab, solid tyres and tyre chains, plus many more.


LiuGong has been at the forefront of developing technologies that work consistently at the toughest, most extreme jobsites in construction and mining.

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