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Roll on with Sany compaction equipment from UHI

UHI Machinery rolls out latest range of Sany compaction equipment.

When you’re starting a project from the ground up, compaction rollers play a critical role in ensuring the base is correctly prepared. A new range of Sany rollers from UHI Machinery offers many size and performance options to suit compaction tasks from small to larger sites and different applications.

The Sany SSR range of single drum rollers span 12, 15, and 18 tonne capacities and offer extended operation life through the use of water wheel type lubrication on the vibratory bearing which extends life up to an impressive 5000 hours. Air and hydraulic filtration capacity have been increased to allow double filtration of air at engine height and three-stage filters in the hydraulics extend service life and reduce maintenance costs.

According to Sany, the new rollers deliver high efficiency, due to a 10 per cent greater excitation force than other products in a comparable category, resulting in 16.7 per cent greater production output. Adding to productivity is an improved operator environment that includes cabin vibration isolation by using dampening mounts, cabin temperature control, and reduced effort and force required for operator controls.

The SSR120C-10 12-tonne Single Drum Roller is powered by a 93kW Cummins engine, has a drum weight of 7000kg and a drum diameter of 1500mm. The minimum turning outside diameter of the roller is 11,600mm.

The Sany model SSR150C-8 15-tonne Single Drum Roller is powered by a 119kW Cummins engine. It has a drum weight of 9600kg, a rear axle weight of 5400kg and a vibration frequency of 32/36Hz. Centrifugal force is 300/210kN, drum diameter is 1500mm and drum width is 2130mm. The turning diameter of this roller is 12,010mm.

Model SSR180C-8 Single Drum Roller is powered by a 133kW Cummins engine. The operating weight of the machine is 18,000kg, while the weight at the drum is 12,400kg. Vibration frequency is 29/3Hz and the drum diameter is 1600mm, with a drum width of 2130mm. The minimum turning diameter of this roller is 12,350mm.

Sany offers diesel-powered light tandem rollers for smaller sites. Image: UHI

Light tandem rollers

For smaller sites, Sany has diesel-powered light tandem rollers in 8hp/790kg, 8hp/920kg and 26hp/1.7-tonne capacities.

Model SRD800 has an operating weight of 790kg and uses a mechanical drive for vibration, and is able to operate on gradients up to 25 per cent with a handy turning radius of 1500mm.

It is powered by an 8hp diesel engine and vibration is by way of a mechanical drive. Static load is 62N/cm and nominal amplitude is 0.5mm, with vibration frequency of 70Hz and an exciting force of 2 kN. The SRD 800 has a speed of 3.5km/h.

Model SRD900 is powered by an 8hp air-cooled four stroke diesel engine and has an operating weight of 920kg. Vibration is by a mechanical drive and the static load is 57 N/cm, with a nominal amplitude of 0.5mm and an exciting force of 20kN. The machine has a maximum speed of 4km/h and a turning radius of 2600mm, while being able to work on grades of 30 per cent.

The Sany SRD017 is a 1.7-tonne roller powered by a Yanmar water-cooled four stroke, three cylinder diesel engine delivering 19.9kW at 3200rpm and a hydraulic drive to provide the vibration. The roller has a static load of 80N/cm, nominal amplitude of 0.5mm, a 65Hz vibrating frequency and 25kN exciting force. The SRD 017 can be driven up to 8km/h, has a turning radius of 1900mm, with a grade ability of 30
per cent.

Further information on the range of Sany rollers is available from UHI Machinery at or call 1800 000 844.


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