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Rokbak RA40s excelling at Indonesian nickel mine

PH Hillcon's Rokbak RA40 articulated dump truck

When the mineral you’re helping to excavate is notoriously indestructible, you need the right robust and reliable hauler to assist in its procurement. Enter the Rokbak RA40.

On an island on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, 2000km north-east of Java, a trio of Rokbak RA40s operate across a 45,065-hectare mining site. At this remote location in North Maluku, Indonesia, the Rokbak articulated haulers operate up and down steep inclines, through mud, dirt, grit, and gravel, for close to 24 hours a day – all in 30°C heat and at the mercy of the Southeast Asian elements.

Required to move around 450 tonnes of biomass and quarry materials every day, each RA40 will record approximately 6000 operating hours per year. The haulers are tasked with removing overburden and providing mine development support for the acquisition of high-demand nickel. Every full-capacity payload sees each RA40 transport overburden 2km to a project access road and biomass dump for disposal.

Nickel is found everywhere. The harder-than-iron metal is used in coins and turbine blades, in stainless steel and kitchenware, and in mobile phones, laptop computers, and television sets. The fifth-most common element on the planet, nickel sulphides develop in environments through the spreading of tectonic plates in the Earth’s crust and core. Corrosion resistant, strong at both high and low temperatures, durable, and versatile, nickel’s MO could well be strapped to the side of a Rokbak.

The toughness and reliability of the Rokbak RA40 makes it the perfect solution for challenging sites.

Trusted partners

PT Hillcon is one of the most renowned names in the construction, mining, property, and heavy equipment industries in Indonesia. Since 1995, the company has completed hundreds of projects across the archipelago in coal and nickel operations. Its current occupation in the world-class nickel deposit of Weda Bay, North Maluku, is a five-year process that began in September 2021. It will last until Q4 2026, by which time it will have produced an estimated four million tonnes of nickel.

The three Rokbak haulers were acquired by Hillcon through Rokbak dealer PT Uniquip, an equipment supplier based in Jakarta. With Hillcon’s nearly three decades of experience in the industry and 100 ADTs in its fleet already, PT Uniquip helped highlight why Rokbak haulers stand out from the crowd.

Meeting the challenge

The RA40s entered Weda Bay in February 2022. Daily operations for each RA40 begin at 7am and conclude at 6:45am the following day, across a two-shift driver pattern. These long hours benefit from the truck’s high-performance fluid transmission providing 6000 hours of operating time before requiring an oil change, meaning increased productivity and uptime as well as low cost per tonne.

However, it’s not unusual for the difficult conditions in this seismically active region to bring most operations to a standstill.

PT Hillcon is well known in Indonesia’s construction, mining, property, and heavy equipment industries.

“This particular site is extremely challenging, with high levels of mud, uneven ground and precarious terrain that gets even worse when the notorious Indonesian wet season rolls around,” says Rokbak Regional Business Manager Lee Irving. “To put it mildly, when it rains, it really rains!”

But when times get tough, that’s when this trio of RA40s really excels, with the 38-tonne hauler designed to make light work of large-scale quarry, mine, and construction jobs – whatever the conditions.

“With long shift patterns, we’ve been able to see first-hand the RA40’s performance and productivity in Weda Bay, with the truck’s heavy-duty axles coping extremely well against slippage and the subsidence you often find on site,” says Uniquip Sales Manager Rachmad Sembiring.

A ringing endorsement

Offering high capacity and performance, the RA40 delivers cost-effective productivity in the toughest conditions. The high-performance engine balances controlled power with maximum fuel efficiency, and the modulating transmission retarder is coupled with an efficient exhaust brake and fully enclosed forced oil-cooled multidisc brakes for total control – even on steep inclines.

“The trucks need to be powerful, but safe,” says Hillcon Jobsite Superintendent Ahmad Siswandi, who ensures all the machines are ready to operate, serviced, and maintained. He’s on-site 12 hours a day, seven days a week, and keeps a keen eye on the Rokbak haulers.

Uniquip Sales Manager, Rachmad Sembiring; PT Hillcon General Purchasing Manager, Hendra Wijara; and Rokbak Regional Business Manager, Lee Irving

“Seeing an RA40 perform in our mud has proven its worth, and we like that it’s a strong, powerful truck that remains the same performer in difficult conditions,” Ahmad says.

“The RA40 engine power is exceptional, and the stability of the truck makes the operator feel secure and safe. The instrumental panel is clear, easy, and accessible, and the reverse-camera is sharp, with added versatility to operate when moving forward as well.

“The cab’s very comfortable and the air-con has stood out with praise from our operators – and in our climate that is a massive plus!”

The rebranded Rokbak ‘sand’ colour scheme has also been well received in the region, alongside the name embodying rock-solid strength, robustness, reliability, and the brand’s promise to always have customers’ backs.

And it’s challenging sites such as Weda Bay that truly exemplify how well Rokbak delivers on its remit.

“The RA40 strikes the balance between high performance, power, stability, safety, and ease of controls and switches,” Ahmad says. “The RA40 really is showing its class on site.”


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