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RodRadar: Harnessing radar technology for safety


RodRadar Live Dig Radar (LDR) Buckets harness radar technology to protect your operators against costly and dangerous utility strikes.

In the construction and excavation sector, prioritising safety and enhancing operational efficiency are key concerns.

The RodRadar Live Dig Radar (LDR) Bucket introduces a practical approach to these priorities through its integrated imaging technology. This ground-penetrating radar (GPR) system is engineered to deliver immediate notifications on-site, to help prevent contact with underground utilities during mechanical excavation.

The core innovation of the RodRadar Bucket lies in its patented LDR technology, which is designed to detect underground utilities with a high degree of accuracy. Through automatic alerts, the system actively scans the area beneath the excavation site, promptly informing the operator of any detected utilities, allowing them to take action to avoid potential accidental strikes.

Versatile protection

RodRadar’s system is suitable for use with various soil conditions and environments,

including sites where gas, electric, communications, water, and sewage lines are a potential concern. The adaptability of the LDR technology ensures consistent performance tailored to diverse project needs.

In addition to its detection capabilities, the RodRadar Bucket features the LDR Visualize display within the excavator’s cabin, offering a user-friendly interface that processes radar data and issues alerts. This functionality is accessible to operators of varying experience levels, facilitating informed decision-making without the need for extensive training.

By integrating on-site data interpretation, RodRadar’s solution removes the dependency on external analysis and cumbersome scanning equipment, streamlining the excavation process and enhancing job site safety. This approach not only minimises the risk of costly errors but also contributes to a more efficient workflow.

Committed to safety

RodRadar is invested in continuous innovation, with the LDR Excavate representing the first in a planned series of products using the LDR technology to refine excavation processes further. This forward- thinking strategy aims to boost safety measures for operators, elevate productivity levels, and optimise project management.

The team behind RodRadar’s technology comprises professionals with varied expertise, committed to delivering high- quality solutions. The RodRadar Bucket, with its real-time utility detection and alert system, embodies a significant step forward in excavation technology. It is designed to be straightforward to install, intuitive for operators, and versatile across different types of utilities and soil conditions.

As the industry evolves, RodRadar’s contributions are set to play a crucial role in advancing safety and efficiency standards within the sector.

For nationwide parts, service, and support, enquire today at: www.rodradar.com.au or 1300 837 391.


The RodRadar LDR Bucket delivers immediate notifcations to the operator of any detected utilities. Image: RodRadar Australia
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