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Rockwheel – Work More Effectively !

Rockwheel has been in Australia for many years now and more and more Australian operators and business owners are realising the benefits of this impressive system.

The speed is greater than a conventional hammer with the ability to work in ice, snow and even in underwater environments without compromising the product. product. Semco Equipment Sales has been the Rockwheel Australian distributor for more than 10 years.

The range has been designed for a huge variety of industries and tasks including: demolition and concrete work, foundations, trenching and pipeline construction, contouring/profiling, mining, underwater operations, and tunnelling – and that’s only just scratching the surface of how and where the attachments are being used.

The benefits of using a Rockwheel cutting unit are substantial because they produce an extremely accurate profile in excavation and tunnelling work or in surface preparation.

The small broken rock allows you to reuse the finely grained excavated material for backfilling. There are also fewer vibrations, which reduces operator fatigue when working. In comparison to a hammer, the cutting wheels are relatively quiet to operate making them perfect to use in noise-sensitive zones. Last, but by no means least, the Rockwheel will reduce the risk of damage in and around the site.

On the Rockwheel stand, we caught up with Robert Piasecki who shared, “The key features of the Rockwheel Cutter is that you only need two hydraulic lines because it works on the hammer circuit and there is no drain line required. The gearboxes on these units have been designed for maximum torque. We have valve technology that protects the motor and our heavy-duty design has been created for the toughest worksites in mind.

“All of our cutters are available in Australia through Semco and our diverse range is second to none. We also offer adapter plates to ensure our cutters have the right fit for every excavator and adding the right ‘pick’ will ensure you have the right pick for the material you’re cutting. For example, we have a standard pick for soft to medium hard rock, asphalt, salt and slag, through to our heavy-duty and wear-resistant (for very abrasive rock, for example sandstone, blast-furnace crushed rock). We even have a rotator unit, which can achieve a 360 degree radius of operation using a Rockwheel cutting unit with a pivoting/rotator unit.”

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