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Rocking and rolling with Jetland Loading Ramps

For Lakota Hilbert of Victorian Rockscapes and Excavation, the right equipment is key to offering a reliable service. EEM finds out how his relationship with Jetland Loading Ramps helps provide the confidence to get his job done.

Lakota Hilbert has been in earthmoving his whole life.

“I grew up around machines, and have been operating since before I could even drive a car,” he says.

Today, from the scenic surroundings of Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Lakota runs a business that has transformed to meet the demands of the market, and those seeking an eco-friendly solution for their landscaping needs.

Victorian Rockscapes and Excavation specialises in crafting low-carbon, eco-friendly rock walls – born out of Lakota’s passion for working with rocks, nature, and crafting organic settings.

Victorian Rockscapes and Excavation specialises in eco-friendly rock walls.

Following the dream

After initially studying to become a greenskeeper, Lakota embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at around the age of 21, when he started Comfy Living Landscapes.

“I started off doing complete landscape packages, from excavation to decking to grass,” he says.

Over time, the business evolved, transitioning first to specialising in concrete and timber retaining walls, before finally narrowing down a focus on eco-friendly rock walls.

“As I started doing more and more of these rock walls, the feedback was really positive,” Lakota says. “Before long, it got to the point where we weren’t really doing landscaping work anymore. And that’s ultimately what led to the name change to Victorian Rockscapes and Excavation.”

Today, Lakota says 99 per cent of his business’ projects focus on crafting natural rock walls. But the change wasn’t just a matter of business or following a trend – it was about chasing a passion.  

“I’ve always had a fascination with building natural-looking environments, and I’ve always had an eye for it,” Lakota says. “So I just decided to make the change, and focus on what I’m good at.”

Lakota uses his Jetland ramps to help transport two of his Volvo excavators.

The Jetland experience

Every business’ success depends on not just its offerings but also the tools and equipment that facilitate its operations. And when it comes to moving heavy machinery, the importance of reliable loading ramps can’t be overstated. This is where Jetland enters the story.

Lakota came across Jetland Loading Ramps just after he’d bought a new truck, and needed to transport a 1.8-tonne and a 3.5-tonne Volvo excavator – so he was on the lookout for affordable, dependable loading ramps.

Coming across Jetland Loading Ramps, with its wide range, convenient pick-up and delivery options, and robust support, turned out to be a game-changer.

“The product was well priced, it was fair, and Jimmy from Jetland made the process really easy,” Lakota says. “In my books, you’re only as good as the people you deal with – and Jimmy has been great.

“And in the few years since, I’ve bought another two sets of ramps from him.”

Lakota says he chooses to go with 6-tonne ramps to allow himself a degree of flexibility, and that their quality, resilience, and fair pricing have always stood out to him.

“I use them for my 1.8-tonne and 3.5-tonne excavators,” he says. “But when you load the 3.5-tonner up with all the hydraulic grabs and tilt buckets and compaction wheels that I use – it starts to add up. That’s why I went up a weight class with these ramps.”

Lakota says Jetland’s ramps are clearly built to withstand the kind of tough treatment you’d expect from your everyday tradesperson.

“I’ve tried and tested them well over what they’re meant to be doing,” he says. “They are a good quality product.”

In a world where the durability of equipment is paramount, and where business relationships can make or break deals, Lakota says Jetland’s rapport with its customers stands out. And because of this, he says he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jetland to anybody on the hunt for quality loading ramps.

“Jimmy himself is a great guy, very easy to deal with,” Lakota says. “The products are good, and they’re affordable compared to a lot of other brands out there.”

Lakota is also confident in the knowledge that Jetland is ready and willing to support him if any issues ever arise.

“Whatever product you’re buying, you need to know that backup support is there to keep your business moving forward, and to keep your own customers happy,” Lakota says.

“That’s why I’ve chosen to deal with Jimmy, and he’s been awesome from the start. You know Jetland is not just some big company trying to take your money. And that sort of thing makes you want to go back.”

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