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Rock solid: Lovol

A Lovol wheel loader

Punky River Rocks has built success with the help of Lovol equipment supplied by Equipment Specialists Australia.

Punky River Rocks (PRR) has, over the better part of the past 15 years, carved out a strong market niche as a wholesale river rock supplier throughout Victoria and New South Wales. The family business has built its offering around an evolving product line and a high level of customer service, which sees it at the ready to cater for client needs.

The Lovol FL926K wheel loader is powered by a Danfoss hydrostatic driveline.

Founder and Managing Director Graham Ryleigh, who comes from a background in the garden supply industry, established PRR, based in Porepunkah in Victoria, after learning about local river pebble mining operations and subsequently branching out into the sector.

As Graham told EEM, he made a few enquiries and ended up making a deal with a local farmer, setting up quarrying operations on his land. The business has progressively grown over the years since.

“I started with a Lovol FL966 loader and a Precisionscreen Super Reclaimer 1050, and built from there,” he said. “I built a lot of it myself, such as conveyors, put a few screens together, and then acquired a couple of other machines.

“We mine beautiful river pebble, and we’ve got around eight different product sizes. We’ve been building and making the place a bit bigger year by year, and I’ve got four blokes working for me now.”

Swift service strengthens long-term client relationships

PRR’s product line spans river rocks, stones, and pebbles in a range of colours, sizes, and textures, which are suitable for applications including swimming pools, ponds and water feature surrounds, dry and running creek beds, waterfalls, retaining walls, paths, steps and mulch for pots and landscaping.

A ROPs and FOPs-certified lined and sealed cab
keeps noise and vibration to a minimum.

Graham said the product line has evolved over time in line with client requirements, with PRR primarily supplying landscape designers, garden centres and nurseries throughout Victoria and NSW.

“The first client we had was Begley’s Backyard and they’re still with us,” he said. “All of our clients, once they come on board, they usually stay with us.

“When they want an order, we try and get it out to them as quick as we can. And if they need it really urgently, which they usually do, we shuffle things around where we can, and give them the service they want.”

Having spent well over 30 years in the garden supply business, Graham pointed to the importance of being able to supply product at short notice, telling EEM he has grown PRR with these type of considerations in mind.

As Graham noted, clients, who themselves may be working towards strict deadlines, don’t want to be waiting around for product deliveries – hence why reliable and trustworthy equipment is so important.

“If you want something, you need it now, not in three weeks’ time,” he said.

“So, I’ve sort of run my business on that theory – that I don’t want to get too big, where I’ve got to tell people, ‘no, I haven’t got the product on the ground.’

“When clients ring up, I’m nearly 100 per cent sure that I’ve got the product on the ground, and I can supply them straight away.”

Lovol loaders push on through, day in and day out

Having started out with the Lovol FL966F loader when getting his business up and running 14 years ago, Graham subsequently added another FL966F-II loader to his fleet seven years later, with both loaders still getting the job done day in and day out.

PRR Founder and Managing Director Graham Ryleigh.

Graham told EEM he’d carried out his research prior to purchasing the first loader, noting that while Lovol machines are “a lot cheaper than other loaders on the market, the quality is definitely there”.

“The first one is still running to this day,” he said. “It’s still working the quarry, and it hasn’t missed a beat. And the other one is exactly the same. So, I’m quite impressed with them.

“They haven’t got all the little fancy bits, but they’ll just keep going. If you want a good loader that’s going to last you a lifetime, I would thoroughly recommend them.”

Graham said Lawrence Perkins, Operations Manager at Toowoomba-based Equipment Specialists Australia (ESA), and his team have been on hand to assist when required.

Authorised Lovol distributor ESA has brought a comprehensive range of Lovol loaders and excavators to the local market, catering for clients seeking no-fuss machines that get the job done in tough conditions.

“Lawrence and the rest of the team there have been great,” Graham said. “They have helped out with everything I’ve wanted so far. And that’s probably why I like dealing with them, they’re a bit like myself.”

Lovol’s powerful performance

Lawrence told EEM that the 20 tonne Lovol FL962K loader carries on in the same tradition of robust and dependable Lovol loaders.

Graham has been using Lovol equipment since he purchased a FL966F loader 14 years ago.

“It’s a high-quality machine that compares to the big-name brands,” he said. “Lovol is at the forefront when it comes to hydrostatic wheel loaders, and the new K series has most of the comforts and functions to rival the others.

“Along with the game-changing Danfoss hydrostatic driveline, it is low on plastic and electrically-controlled functions, eliminating problematic items and making it extremely reliable.

“It ultimately provides a performance comparable to the big brand names, and there is notably no AdBlue, DPF, and EGR.”

The FL962K runs a 170kW Cummins QSB7 Tier 3 engine, and along with the Danfoss hydrostatic driveline, is equipped with a DANA 3 speed transfer box and ZF wet brake axles, Rexroth joystick, and other highly renowned componentry.

Additional features include:

  •  A ROPs and FOPs-certified lined and sealed cab, lessening noise and vibration, decked out with air-conditioning and an air-suspension seat, and also sporting a rear-view camera
  •  A 4m3 GP bucket (with a choice of GP, rock, coal, grain and bulk buckets), 6 tonne rated load capacity, 4.2m bucket lift height and a boom lifting time of 5.2 seconds
  •  A pilot control joystick incorporating a thumb-action F/N/R function
  •  A Danfoss steering valve, hydraulic pressure of 3200psi, fuel tank capacity of 350 litres, and travel speed of 40km/h
  •  A one-piece fully opening side engine cover, enabling ample access (with no bolted covers to remove), fully raised opening rear radiator door, and patented composite reinforced pivot structure and bushings
  •  Dimensions: 8.85m length, 3.3m width and 3.42m height.

“With the new K series’ stylish design, larger cab, Lovol highest quality and reliability, hydrostatic drive, and an expanding dealer network, it’s no wonder Lovol is poised to become one of the big-name brands available to choose from,” Lawrence said.

“A full Lovol model range of K series will be available soon with some models already in action throughout Australia.”


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