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Road and pavement versatility

Bobcat Company attachments create a versatile road and pavement maintenance machine for all stages of paving and repair.  Prepare the site, transport material and remove rubble all with the same machine.

Combination buckets come in handy throughout the process with material handling and quick clean ups. A quick change to the industrial grapple bucket helps discard of large, odd-shaped objects.  And angled brooms (sweepers) provide the finishing touch to the clean up.

Bobcat® skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders are built to deliver unmatched attachment performance, versatility and power. Three attachments that bring great efficiency and profitability to road and pavement contractors are planers, wheel saws and drop hammers.


Cut and mill concrete and asphalt with the controlled removal process of the planer attachment. Planers can be used for continuous milling or smaller repairs.

The milling process involves low angle, high velocity blows in a controlled pattern that uniformly chips pavement. Depth, width and slope control are easily set and maintained by the operator. Milled material can be immediately recycled, nicely finishing any asphalt and repair jobs. The Bobcat® planer attachment is much less expensive to maintain and more manoeuvrable than dedicated planers.

The planer attachment is versatile and durable, delivering high torque for maximum cutting and milling performance.

  • Match uneven pavement surfaces
  • Clean up around larger miller machines
  • Mill around manholes
  • Taper roadway edges

Wheel saw

The wheel saw is the ideal attachment for road repair crews and rental facilities. Easily remove those problem spots in the pavement. Powered by high-flow hydraulics, the wheel saw cuts through asphalt, concrete and other materials to produce a trench for installing utility lines.

Operate with minimal damage to the surrounding jobsite and eliminate the mess of excavation. The wheel saw attachment provides a more precise cut than air or hydraulic hammers and is easier to transport than dedicated machines.

  • Prepare pavement for repairs
  • Cut through asphalt, rebar, concrete and wire mesh
  • Cut trenches for installing water, gas, electrical, utility and fibre-optic cable lines

Drop hammer

Break and demolish concrete or paving with the drop hammer attachment.

To efficiently break up concrete, the drop hammer delivers more than 3600 foot pounds of impact energy combined with a fast cycle time of 20 blows per minute. Upon impact, the drop hammer fractures the material below the surface, leaving the surface free of jagged debris. Between cycles, the drop hammer attachment allows three seconds to reposition and reset the loader. When the attachment is not in use, the hammer stands in the upright position.

Compared to standard hydraulic breakers, the drop hammer attachment generates little vibration or noise, meaning less wear on the machine and less noise for the operator and bystanders.

Bobcat Company attachments give one machine the ability to solve many problems for road and pavement contractors. 

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