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Remu: Grit and determination



From its headquarters in Ähtäri, Finland, Remu has built a reputation as a forward-thinking manufacturer of earthmoving-attachments. Since 1997, the business has supplied a range of screening, crushing, and padding buckets, material-handling attachments and much more to earthmovers across the world.

Remu is a manufacturing company of innovative earthmoving attachments. The company also specialises in the manufacture of pontoon undercarriages for excavators to enable dredging and excavation work in the most challenging environments.

Client satisfaction

REMU’s manufacturing is centred around happy customers. The company goes to considerable lengths to understand what its customers need, what work they do, and what features they need from Remu products.

Karl Wray of Wray’s Plant Hire was using flat screeners and found the change to a Remu bucket made a huge difference to both his efficiency and bottom line.

“The Remu’s great,” said Karl. “We started off with a smaller deck screener, but it was a lot slower. We had a couple of men on shovels and the screener. Now it’s one man and one machine, and it’s a lot quicker.”

Karl is not only able to have more staff
on jobs instead of stuck in the yard, he’s reduced his waste by 70 per cent and found a market for the screened soil.

“The lads are now on other things,” he explained. “They’re out on other jobs.”


Remu’s understanding of its customers serves as a foundation for product development often carried out in co-operation with users. It’s no surprise the best ideas come from the people who work with Remu products. The information gained from the relationships guides in-house engineering and guarantees ongoing product development to boost performance and create value for users.

From the worksite

Karl Grundy, a director at Fastcrete, is rapt in the gains a Remu screening bucket has brought to his business.

“It’s a brilliant machine,” said Karl, who uses the bucket both in the yard and onsite.

“I reckon the Remu paid for itself within 12 months,” he said, “especially with the cost of diesel these days.”

Karl’s savings came from being able to sell about 80 per cent of the screened product, and not having to transport that product to, and pay for, waste facilities.

It also meant a man and truck were available to do a great deal more billable work elsewhere.

Remu fast facts:

• Headquarters are in Ähtäri, Finland
• Established in 1997
• Products are engineered and manufactured in Finland, while only some components are imported
• Approximately 95 per cent of turnover comes from export.
• 60 per cent of turnover comes from bucket attachments and 40 per cent from pontoon undercarriages

For more information, visit the Remu website at: www.remu.fl

Quality is the cornerstone of Remu operations. Image: Remu


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