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Reinventing the wheel: OTR Australia

OTR Australia introduces the Ultra-Life-eXtreme Wheel, paving the way for sustainable mining operations. Travis Parsons, General Manager Sales, explains.

Mining wheels and rims have always been a point of discussion among dump truck owners and operators.

Balancing hours of use with product longevity has always been tricky, with product utilisation hours often determined by the wheel’s weight.

But this is where OTR Australia’s newest innovation comes in – a game-changing product that challenges conventional thinking about wheel and rim utilisation.

OTR Australia’s Australian Engineering and Design team has created the Ultra-Life-eXtreme Wheel, which uses smarter materials and design principles to address the balance between utilisation hours and product longevity.

“Time and money are very closely linked in a lot of industries, and mining is definitely one of those,” says Travis Parsons, OTR Australia General Manger Sales.

“By being a heavier duty item with data backed fatigue reductions, the Ultra-Life-eXtreme Wheel will allow operations to extend compulsory testing and replacement regimes. In turn, this will save downtime and money.”

The team conducted data-backed finite element analysis and gathered historical in-field usage data, allowing them to create a product with a substantial gain in overall wheel life and extended wheel service interval requirements with proven fatigue reduction in critical areas.

The OTR team works closely with the end user to extend wheel life and service intervals, so they realise the best possible value for money, while maintaining compliance to the service standard requirements. Travis says this communication is key to how OTR does business.

“Most of our product designs come from our end users,” he says. “It’s that ability to interpret their voice and convert it into a product that works that sets us apart.

“It’s all about partnerships – that’s what we offer. We aim to become a part of people’s business, an extra division to their operations.”

With the Ultra-Life-eXtreme Wheel, dump truck owners and operators can rest assured that safety concerns will be addressed, and their end-of-life strategy for wheel and rim usage will be challenged. This means increased production availability, reduced safety concerns, and reduced maintenance costs.

By converting to the OTR Australia Ultra-Life-eXtreme Wheel, new or existing fleets can enjoy these benefits while reducing their carbon footprint, making it the perfect solution for sustainable mining operations.

“Without progress in design, materials and manufacturing techniques, innovative product offerings will halt,” Travis says. “We work closely with our customers to offer products that both suit the task at hand, and offer market-leading pricing. Additionally, sustainable manufacturing techniques are key to our business as one of the only manufacturers left in this space in Australia.”

The Ultra-Life-eXtreme Wheel has also been designed to deliver extended lifespan without compromising safety or performance. Dump truck owners and operators no longer need to worry about balancing product longevity and payload weight reductions.

“With over 70 years’ experience, OTR is a team that you can trust,” Travis says. “Plus, we’re Australian owned, and our products are Australian engineered and Australian manufactured.

“By adopting this brand-new technology, dump truck owners and operators can enjoy increased production availability, reduced safety concerns, and reduced maintenance costs, while also helping pave the way for a more sustainable future.”

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