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Referrals Key To Sany’s Continued Growth

Since the release of the 2020 SANY Annual Report, much has been discussed about the impressive sales recorded for the year. Excavator production in 2020 exceeded 90,000 units, and the SANY excavator division registered record sales of over 98,000 units. SANY has set ambitious goals that they are clearly meeting and exceeding.

Nathan Everett, Sales Director for SANY Australia, explains the importance of overseas markets, including Australia, in the overall growth strategy of the business.

“In overseas markets, excluding China, SANY has grown 500 per cent when compared to the same period last year. The global business has identified that to be a leading company, significant sales increases must be achieved from all overseas markets with Australia identified within the strategic markets for SANY.

“The support and resources being made available to our teams and dealers is reflective of these priority markets. SANY products are becoming increasingly popular, and the quality and value of our machinery is being experienced first-hand. Creating high quality products has always been our foundation and customers are excited about what they can purchase and the overall value proposition and inclusions we provide,” Nathan explained.

Moving forward, SANY remains committed to its motto, “Quality changes the world.” SANY will spare no effort to increase value for customers through its brand, products, marketing, and service and will continue to defend its position in the highly competitive international market.

“The customer demands in different countries and regions around the world is varied and I’m particularly impressed by the way SANY adapts and customises our machines to be suitable to the conditions we have here in Australia. We work closely with dealers and customers to ensure the strong R&D capabilities of our brand continues to meet these different requirements. In Australia alone, we have worked with dealers to provide custom spec machines based on their individual needs. For example, in Western Australia the demand for mining specifications is of particular importance, thus we adapt and tailor our machines appropriately,” explains Nathan.

SANY Australia have recently launched a new campaign to capitalise on the positive sentiments and growing interest of their excavator fleet. In 2020, SANY became the Global Leader in the Excavator product category globally and secured market share of 15 per cent. To celebrate this achievement, SANY Australia wants more people to experience the SANY difference.

“We are excited to launch our ‘Refer a Friend’ campaign in Australia. We know word-ofmouth advertising will always be an incredibly powerful source for leads and referrals and the authenticity of recommendations from a friend or colleague is unrivalled. From now until the end of December 2021, we are calling on customers to refer a friend who they believe would benefit from the many capabilities and features of our excavator range. Simply provide their details and we will give them a call, learn about their needs and provide them with a quote. Anyone who provides us with a successful lead, will be thanked with a SANY Merchandise pack and a $200 voucher for genuine SANY parts. It is a win-win-win kind of campaign!” said Nathan.

Do you know someone who is interested in learning more about a SANY machine? Head to to provide your details.

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