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Redefining earthmoving: Flipscreen

The team at Flipscreen explains why its innovative screening bucket is the ultimate game-changer that has redefined the standards of earthmoving attachments.

In the ever-evolving world of earthmoving, professionals constantly seek innovations that can revolutionise their operations. With unrivalled capabilities and intuitive design, the Flipscreen stands as the go-to choice for professionals across diverse earthmoving industries.

Let’s explore why this attachment should be at the top of every earthmover’s list.

Unleashing potential

The Flipscreen is the epitome of versatility, capable of effortlessly handling any material on-site. Whether it’s corrosive substances, landmines, or underwater operations, the Flipscreen knows no bounds. Its ability to screen any scoopable material makes it an indispensable tool, maximising productivity and streamlining operations across various job sites.

Understanding the diverse needs of earthmovers, the Flipscreen offers a wide range of models designed to fit carriers of all sizes. From excavators and skid steers to loaders, telehandlers, backhoes, and tractors, there’s a Flipscreen model for every carrier type. This adaptability empowers professionals to optimise their existing fleet, eliminating the need for costly investments in multiple attachments.

Efficiency at your fingertips

Time is of the essence in the earthmoving industry, and the Flipscreen prioritises efficiency. Its quick and tool-less screen change process enables seamless adaptation to different material sizes in less than 5 minutes, with a single operator in control. No longer will projects be hindered by time-consuming screen replacements. The Flipscreen’s efficiency and user-friendly design ensure uninterrupted workflow and maximum productivity.

The Flipscreen also sets new benchmarks with its expansive screening surface area. Compared to other attachments on the market, the Flipscreen boasts the largest screening surface area in its class. Imagine covering a 12 x 8-foot screen deck – an achievement that outshines traditional fixed plant screen decks. This vast screening area allows professionals to handle high volumes of material, even on the most demanding projects.

Built to endure more

Durability and reliability are crucial in the earthmoving industry, and the Flipscreen excels in both areas. With no internal moving parts and a direct drive system, this attachment eliminates the risks associated with chains, sprockets, and potential breakdowns. Its smart valve technology seamlessly integrates with hydraulic systems, accommodating various flow and pressure requirements without the need for modifications. This design minimises maintenance needs, enhances longevity, and ensures a quiet and reliable operation.

What’s more, the Flipscreen’s versatility extends far beyond screening applications. Its optional Brush Kit prevents material build-up, optimising screening efficiency. Moreover, by replacing the mesh with a solid mixing plate, the Flipscreen effortlessly transforms into a powerful cement mixer. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple attachments and equipment, streamlining operations and boosting productivity.

A sensible investment

In the fast-paced world of earthmoving, where efficiency, versatility, and cost-effectiveness are vital, the Flipscreen shines as a wise investment. Its compatibility with diverse carrier machines, ability to handle a variety of materials, swift screen changes, and expansive screening surface area make it the epitome of a versatile attachment. With the Flipscreen, professionals unlock unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and profitability while tackling earthmoving challenges with confidence.

Join the earthmoving revolution

The Flipscreen has redefined the earthmoving landscape, revolutionising the industry with its unparalleled capabilities. Its versatility, swift screen changes, expansive screening surface area, and robust construction set new standards in efficiency and productivity. By choosing the Flipscreen, earthmovers gain a transformative tool that maximises their potential, streamlines operations, and ensures unmatched success in their projects. Embrace the Flipscreen and experience the true power of efficiency and versatility in earthmoving.

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