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Reclaiming shrinkage the Flipscreen way!

Many scrap yards today are still using outdated methods for separating scrap and dirt. We arrived at a client’s premises recently to do a demo only to find the below screening deck, still being used. We could only laugh. We hear it all the time. These things are trustworthy, they are reliable, they work, etc. The objective, however, is supposed to be increasing productivity, increasing profits, and using tools that make the job easier, simpler, and faster. 

Why take the product to the screener when you can take the screener to the product. Why handle the material multiple times when you can handle it just once. 

When you are putting together a container of scrap metal, you want to minimize contaminants or dirt and you want to maximize the metals that you have laying around your yard. 

And you want to go about collecting those metals as quickly and easily as possible. Watch this video to see the modern way of sorting scrap metal: 

When using a Flipscreen, as shown in the video, fitted to a carrier (excavator) it creates an operational site, that has very little impact on real estate, or the size of the territory being used. 

You are taking the screener to the material and you can screen the dirt directly into a skip bin or truck if you want and then dump the oversize or screened metals, either into their pile or also directly into a truck/bin. 

This means you have handled the material ONCE. You don’t need to drive to the scrap inclusive dirt piles, pick up a load, drive to the grizzly screen, drop it onto the screen, drive around, pick up the dirt, drive to a bin or truck and dump it. You scoop and screen, directly where it’s needed. 

And if you think this attachment will let you down, think again. 

The Flipscreen is made for scrap metal. It’s locally made in Australia, to be tough enough to handle any material. And with no internal moving parts, the bucket is never going to foul or jam on the job. Direct drive models also require zero daily maintenance!

The Flipscreen is an engineering marvel, and boasts some incredible features, such as the EX85 DD in the video you just watched: 

  • Longer periods between greasing
  • No chain adjusters and Longer periods between drive servicing
  • Less fouling when used in wet conditions
  • Less noise of the material being screened
  • Less noise of the ratchet mechanism
  • Lighter to enable fitment to a greater range of excavator sizes.
  • Direct drive.

Starting from the top, we achieved this by introducing a bush that never needs greasing.

We also researched two-speed bent axis-driven planetaries. Trips were made to Korea where the best of these are made to configure the exact spec for the extreme conditions experienced on the end of an excavator’s arm. Each drive can take the weight of the carrier machine several times over and they put out 23,000 Newton meters of torque; that’s the torque of 35 F250 super duty truck motors.

We reduced sticking by introducing hopper liners. This stuff is like the best non-stick frypan you have ever seen but also has better wearing characteristics than most metal.

The Hopper liners were a great breakthrough in noise reduction; as scrap metal impacting special molecularly designed polyethylene makes about a tenth of the noise of hitting high tensile steel, plus the material acts as a damper, like acoustical foam it robs all surrounding areas of the ability to achieve harmonic vibration effectively cancelling sound.

The engineering team decided to incorporate an external hydraulic cylinder into the ratchet system to silence this unit. However, we didn’t want any hoses because they would get damaged; yes, that’s right we wanted a hydraulic cylinder without hoses. The cylinder rod is located in the sidearm with the base pointing out to the ratchet; the rod has internal veins ported through its centre allowing for both hydraulic lines to be inside the rod. 

Weight was our biggest challenge, put simply; every kilo we put on our Flipscreen is one less kilo which you can scoop up. We religiously stay within the safe working loads of carrier machines. It may not seem so, but steel is flexible. With this in mind, we successfully incorporated flex points under the main drive arms and a leaf spring effect on the hitch plate. Together these work like a big shock absorber. These design features have allowed us to remove unnecessary dumb metal and put the steel where it is needed therefore reducing the weight by reducing the EX85 by 356KG compared to its predecessor.

In conclusion, you have an incredible machine, which doesn’t need daily maintenance, which won’t jam, and which will screen your material at a rapid rate!

To find out more about the Flipscreen: 

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