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Ready to roll: Jetland Landing Ramps

Jetland Loading Ramps offers robust loading ramps for just about any application. EEM speaks to one of the company’s recent happy customers, Jack Goodman from Melbourne’s Bayside Plumbing.

Jack Goodman was born into the plumbing game. Fifteen years ago, he kicked off his career by following his father Kurt’s footsteps into the industry through the family business, Bayside Plumbing.

“Bayside Plumbing has been going for about 40 years,” Jack says. “My old man started it, and now we work together.

“It began with me just helping out on school holidays, and I just worked my way into it from there.”

(L-R) Bayside Plumbing’s Kurt and Jack Goodman.

Jack took over the management of the business, which is based in Melbourne’s south east, about five years ago when Kurt decided to put down the tools.

“He’d done his time, so wanted to step back and live his life. Now he helps with deliveries and driving the company trucks – and also bringing the lunch,” Jack says with a laugh.

Bayside Plumbing specialises in plumbing works for new homes, drainage, as well as excavation – which Jack says has become a core part of their day-to-day.

“We’ve worked for a lot of the same clientele for a long time, including a lot of the builders in the Bayside area,” he says. “We’re doing site cuts basically every day, so we’re always using one of our excavators on the job.

“You have to be able to do that these days with the big drainage jobs – you need to get rid of the spoil. It’s a necessary part of the service.”

For this, Bayside Plumbing runs a small fleet of excavators including a 1.7-tonne Kubota, two Bobcats (a 3.5-tonne and a 5.5-tonne machine), and three trucks to transport them, as well as to haul away excavated material.

Jack says his alloy constructed Jetland ramps are lightweight and easy for one person to handle.

Ramping up

When it came time for Jack to replace the loading ramps he uses to load the two larger excavators on and off the truck, he gave Jimmy from Jetland Loading Ramps a call on the recommendation of a friend.

“One of my mates bought some ramps there just a few months ago,” Jack says. “The Jetland factory is just around the corner from us, so we thought we’d drop in and check them out.”

Jack and Kurt were immediately impressed by the strength and quality of Jetland’s ramps, and decided to give them a go. Jack said Jimmy made the overall process simple and painless.

“Jimmy is an entertaining guy,” Jack says. “We went around to suss out the ramps and ended up chatting him for about two hours. He’s just a genuine person.

“You can drive in and drive out that same day with the ramps, and not get passed around to three different people in the process – that’s what you want.”

Jack and Kurt chose 3.9m ramps to enable loading and unloading at a more comfortable incline.

The right solution

Jetland aims to set its offering apart by offering a wide range of ramps for all sorts of industrial applications. Custom builds are also available, but the business is dedicated to ensuring plenty of options are always kept in stock and ready to go.

So, when Jack and Kurt came looking for a less conventional model, Jetland was prepared.

“They had 3.9m ramps in stock, which you’d have to have custom-made by a lot of other suppliers,” Jack says. “And that would mean they’d cost twice as much, and you’d be waiting much longer for them.”

According to Jack, the more common 3.6m models are easier to find, but the added length of the 3.9m ramps makes for a much more comfortable loading and unloading experience.

“They’re also super light for what they are, which makes them an easy lift for one person,” he says. “I have friends who use other brands of ramp, and it takes two people to lift them. You’ll put your back out pretty quickly doing that every day.

“Our ramps are rated for 6 tonnes, and most other brands go to steel at that end of the range – but ours are made from a much lighter alloy.”

Hassle-free delivery

For those who don’t live around the corner from Jetland headquarters like Jack and Kurt, all is not lost. Jetland offers free delivery to any commercial business address in Australia, and can also facilitate pickup from any of the 200 collection depots across the country.

Jetland’s range of loading ramps are available exclusively at:

Jetland accepts payment via credit card, direct transfer, PayPal or Zip.


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