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Re-purposing reduces waste and tip costs

Separating a quality product from a waste material is at the core of many civil construction and infrastructure services. For the waste sector, the sorting and screening of bulk waste material from earth works can be a difficult and cost consuming process.

As Queensland Rock Breakers’ Sales Area Manager Craig Einam explains, the ALLU DS3/17 bucket is ideal for a multitude of both civil construction and waste recovery applications.

“The ALLU bucket is perfect for sorting and processing material,” Craig says. “We have seen end product volume increases of up to 70 per cent for reusable material, while reducing tip waste down to only 30 per cent on selected applications.

“We can configure the bucket to suit not only the application and feed material but also the size of the end product required, and the ALLU does this with our self-cleaning floating blade arrangement. There aren’t many buckets that are that flexible,” he says.

For the waste industry, the attachment has already been deployed to assist in the collection and disposal of kerbside waste. With the attachment’s ability to reduce the bulkiness of the product, household waste can be further compressed for disposal.

The ALLU DS3/17 bucket takes the headache out of sorting through reusable material, not only saving operators in terms of costs, but more importantly, time.

Operators such as Dave Kerrison understand the importance of saving time, for his civil construction and infrastructure services and has seen exemplary results when using the ALLU DS3/17 for his excavation, subdivision, earthworks, and road works projects.

“Every project is time critical, so the bucket is great for reducing both costs and the time that you need to spend on one project,” Dave says.

“Setting up for a project is as easy as bringing the attachment in with the tilt truck, changing the oil flows in the machine and then you can start the project,” he says.

“We mainly use the bucket for the recovering of road-based material and topside soil. These materials can contain debris such as asphalt, so finding solutions for reutilising the material is critical.”

Dave adds that projects such as road works can usually require multiple machines and employees. When using the ALLU bucket, he experienced a reduction in operating costs.

“We can also utilise machines that we already have on site, rather than interchange between any piece of equipment, again saving costs,” he says.

“We have had projects where we did not have to import any material at all, as we could repurpose topsoil from the same site.”

In terms of wear and tear, Dave says he is yet to replace a single component from the ALLU DS3/17 bucket. His previously owned machines have also been major beneficiaries of the product.

“In terms of the machine there is less pressure and vibration as the material can be easily processed through the bucket without having to shake the machine as much,” Dave says.

“With less wear and tear on pins and components, we have seen little change in the performance of the product or our machines over the four years we have owned the bucket.”

Craig adds that at nearly every waste or construction site there will be debris such as rocks or rubbish and even commercial contaminants and with the ALLU, the material is processed through the bucket and the end product is returned with a high percentage of guaranteed size that can be re-used.

Manufactured for over 30 years and distributed to over 30 countries, ALLU Transformer Buckets are available in Australia via a dedicated dealer network.

For more information contact the ALLU dealers: QLD Rockbreakers in QLD and NT:
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