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Rammers & Vibrating Plates from Wacker Neuson

Compaction Expertise To The Last Detail

Compaction technology has a long tradition at Wacker Neuson. After all, Hermann Wacker invented the rammer in the 1930s. The first rammer was actually an electric rammer, but over the course of time was replaced with combustion engines due to the urge for more mobility. Many developments and innovations followed. Today, just as then, the cleanest rammers on the market bear the logo of Wacker Neuson and meet all emission laws in the US and Europe.

Oil Injected 2 Stroke Rammers

The time-tested and proven two-stroke rammers from Wacker Neuson, like the model BS60-2plus, are not completely emission-free, but work with very low emissions. The plus range of oil injected rammers from Wacker Neuson self-mix the petrol and two-stroke oil providing the perfect oil-petrol mixture for the lowest emissions. The two-stroke plus models are driven by the WM 80 engine that has been specially designed and developed by Wacker Neuson.

Thanks to its catalytic converter, it falls well below all exhaust standard limits. In addition, it automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of idling, therefore saving additional fuel and emissions. A multi-stage air cleaner system efficiently cleans the intake air, thereby ensuring the long-term operational readiness of the rammer.

The rammers offer high performance in many ways: high ramming frequency, strong stroke, high impact energy and fast advance travel. The operator benefits from the low hand-arm vibrations thanks to a special vibration dampened guide handle.

In addition, the low centre of gravity ensures strong propulsion and the high stability prevents tilting and facilitates the operation of the rammer. With their slim design, the two-stroke rammers like the BS60-2plus are ideal for compaction jobs in narrow trenches.

Wacker Neuson offers an innovative and comprehensive rammer portfolio, ranging from the 30kg to 70kg class and from electric motors and batteries to diesel and petrol engines (2-stroke and 4-stroke). No other manufacturer offers more choice and expertise.

Medium-Weight Reversible Vibrating Plates

With its extensive product range of vibrating plates, Wacker Neuson offers the right model for many different application areas.

The reversible vibrating plates from Wacker Neuson offer high compaction performance especially for long-time application: The models DPU4045 and DPU6555 convince with a centrifugal force of 40 to 65kN (kilo newton). Customers benefit from the engines with high power reserves that provide for a long service life. Intelligent functions, such as low oil shutdown, self-adjusting V-belt, maintenance-free alternator make working with the vibration plates even more efficient and easier.

Compacting with the vibrating plates from Wacker Neuson, the users benefit from the low hand-arm vibrations that help ensure fatigue-free, safe and comfortable work.

If the guide handle is released, the unit automatically returns to forward travel, which ensures further safety for the operator if they have fallen over. Furthermore, the operator can just change the travel direction or travel speed without changing the grip by only moving the handle.

The model DPU6555 with a centrifugal force of 65kN (kilo newton) is time-tested and proven for all application areas in road and highway construction and civil engineering. it even vibrates heavy interlocking paving stones and reliably compacts very cohesive soils.

For further information on the impressive range of compaction equipment head to Wacker Neuson’s website

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