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Rammer rockbreakers for safety and sustainability


Rammer rockbreakers are designed for safety and longevity.

Achieving longer life from equipment and keeping workers safe is key to every industrial operation.

Preventative maintenance not only keeps gear running for extended periods and minimises downtime, but it protects personnel from potential risk if more serious or larger scale repairs are required.

Some studies have reported that accidents are five times more likely when working on breakdowns compared to when undertaken during planned and scheduled maintenance jobs.

This is where Rammer’s reputation for reliability and safety comes in, a result of more than 40 years of product development, technical expertise, and international maintenance programs with their world-first RD3 hydraulic rockbreaker monitoring technology.

According to Rammer Product Line Lifecycle Manager for Rockbreakers, Esa Sjönberg, safety is paramount in all aspects of Rammer rockbreaker lifecycle: design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance.

“Having safety as a top priority in design and manufacturing phase will ensure safe rockbreaker operation and maintenance,” Esa says.

“All new product projects start with lifetime safety risk assessments and sustainability plan as well as certifying all our rockbreakers conform to all the relevant provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the Outdoor  Equipment Noise Directive 2000/14/EC.

“Periodic service is extremely essential in ensuring a long life for the rockbreaker and it is a tried and tested way to cut downtime, avoid expensive repairs, and improve the overall productivity of assets.”

That is why Rammer developed the RD3, the first cloud-based monitoring system that collects data on impacts on the rockbreaker, operating hours, and GPS locations to help customers maximise uptime through planned services and preventative maintenance.

As well as providing information on service intervals, the RD3 via SAM has already helped identify incorrect use of the rockbreakers and reduced the chance of rockbreaker failure and consequent unscheduled downtime.

Esa says that this can be especially important considering that one of the most common causes of rockbreaker failure happens when an operator continues to hit the trigger button, forcing the piston to keep striking for extended periodsoftime.

Stepping up sustainability

Rammer is committed to manufacturing quality products that improve safety while minimising their environmental impact.

The company has adopted a sustainable approach to its manufacturing facilities and supply chains, and designs its rockbreakers  with the environment and responsible sourcing practices in mind.

“Rammer customers can trust the materials used in their rockbreakers are responsibly sourced,” says Esa. “When a Rammer rockbreaker reaches the end of its working life, the steel is 100 per cent recyclable.

“Robust safety risk assessments, sustainability plans, and certification form an integral part of our new product development process. Rammer has built a reputation based on safety and quality, and this is a reflection of our cutting- edge manufacturing practices.”

Local support

Helping operators work more productively and maintain their rockbreakers safely is supported by a dedicated global dealer network with readily accessible genuine Rammer parts and product expertise.

The Rammer authorised dealer network in Australia includes:
• WA: Total Rockbreaking Solutions
• Vic/SA/Tas: Walkers Hammers
• NSW: Groundtec
• Qld,NT,PNG: QldRockBreakers

For more information, or to locate your nearest dealer, visit or rammer


The materials used in the rockbreakers are responsibly sourced. Image: Attachment Specialist Group



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