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R Con Civil Cat® 140H Motor Grader ‘rebuilt and ready to rumble’


R Con Civil has given its 17-year-old Cat® 140H Motor Grader a new lease on life with a Cat Certified Rebuild.

After 17 years of faithful service, R Con Civil Managing Director Ryan Hewatt decided his beloved Cat® 140H Motor Grader was ready for a rebuild.

“We know what it’s like, its history, plus our operators know and love its steering wheel and levers,” he said.

On a cost basis, it made sense for Ryan and his team to choose to rebuild, rather than replace.

“We’re looking forward to getting another life out of our machine and being back on the job quickly,” he said.

Every component rebuilt in four weeks

The rebuilt machine was returned to R Con Civil in just four weeks.

“It was a quick turnaround on the 140H Cat Motor Grader,” Ryan said.

“It looks amazing, we’re really stoked with the outcome and can’t wait to get it back to work.”

WesTrac Rebuild Specialist Julian Caruana recommended the rebuild to R Con Civil.

“This Cat 140H has undergone a Certified Powertrain Rebuild. What that means is all the major components such as the engine, transmission, torque converter, differential and final drives have been restored to zero hours. So we expect this machine to see an entire second life,” Julian said.

Great communication – the key to a successful rebuild

WesTrac offers its customers a collaborative rebuild approach. R Con Civil took up the offer and chose to be involved from day one.

“When we dropped the machine off it was all hands on deck scoping the work. Throughout the build I came back in to make sure we were going ahead with an item, or if there were things to add on or touch up. The WesTrac Canberra brand team was in communication from start to finish,” Ryan said.

Consistent communication meant that R Con Civil was able to provide input and make decisions at all stages.

“Ryan did identify a few more items that he wanted to restore when the machine was apart and we were able to address all of those items without deviating from the original timeline,” Julian said.

New look, new technology

Ryan’s Cat Certified Rebuild included the installation of new Product LinkTM hardware, which will allow him to monitor his machine using VisionLink® fleet management technology.

This technology can help customers stay up- to-date with machine requirements.

“VisionLink will keep us ahead of the game in terms of servicing and maintenance. We’ll be able to keep our clients happy and the ball rolling,” Ryan said.


Julian Caruana (left), WesTrac; Sophie Enzerink, Caterpillar; and Ryan Hewatt, R Con Civil, with the Motor Grader prior to the rebuild.

Rebuilding was a great decision

Ryan and R Con Civil couldn’t be happier with the rebuild experience.

“It’s met all our expectations. The WesTrac Canberra branch has been really great to deal with throughout the whole project,” Ryan said.

WesTrac returned the sentiment.

“For the most part, everything went to plan. This is a 17-year-old machine so we did expect to see a couple of surprises when we pulled it apart, but thanks to Ryan and his team and the top notch maintenance that these machines undergo, a lot of what we anticipated wasn’t required,” Julian said.

Cat Rebuilds mean a lot to WesTrac. “It’s an important part of our business so we want to make sure that every customer has the same experience whether it’s done at our business here or any of our other branches in the state.” Julian said.

For R Con Civil, the inclusion of a Cat Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) with five-year warranty and Customer Value Agreement (CVA) which includes three years’ servicing, has reinforced that they made the right decision. “It gives us more peace of mind,” Ryan said.

More rebuilds on the cards

On the back of the 140H rebuild, R Con Civil is looking to rebuild again.

“This has given us confidence to move forward with more Cat Certified Rebuilds in the future. We’ve got a massive amount of work in the pipeline. Giving this machine a new lease on life couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s rebuilt and ready to rumble,” Ryan said.

There’s a Cat rebuild option to suit your business. To find out more, contact your local Cat dealer or visit

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