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Quick change wheels/rims by OTR Australia

EEM finds out more about OTR Australia’s ILR and DLR Quick Change Rim (QCR) System for large mining trucks.

Compared to the standard fitment five-piece wheels and the Double Gutter seven-piece wheels currently offered, the OTR Australia QCR System provides an increase Non-Destructive test interval period, longer wheel life, improved safety through fewer wheel and component removal/install, resulting in faster tyre change outs and increased uptime.

OTR Australia offers the QCR System fitted to all six-wheel positions and is available for most makes and models of large mining trucks.

Traditionally, the only way to change the inside dual tyre on the rear axle of a large mining truck was to remove the outside wheel and tyre assembly. This process is time-consuming and downtime results in a loss of production. To overcome this, the Double Lock Ring (DLR) has the same diameter as inner rear dual wheel/rim. This allows the inner and outer tyres to be removed and replaced without the need for any of the rear wheel/rim bases to be removed, improving safety for tyre servicemen and reducing machine downtime which leads to increase productivity.

Integrated Lock Rings (ILR) used on positions one, two, four, and five, consists of the wheel/rim base, two-bead seat bands, two-side flanges, and one-lock ring.

The DLR fitted to positions three and six consists of the wheel/rim base, two-bead seat bands, two-side flanges, and two-lock rings, one of which is a two-piece design, while Integrated Lock Rings (ILR) used on positions one, two, four, and five, consists of the wheel/rim base, two-bead seat bands, two-side flanges, and one-lock ring. The back section of the ILR wheelbase has been modified to include an integrated lock ring and O-ring groove. This accommodates the addition of a second bead seat band, which allows a tyre to be removed without the need for a hydraulic bead breaker tool to separate the inner tyre bead from the wheelbase. As a safety feature, both the ILR and DLR wheels/rims have Sur-Locs fitted to each of the Bead Seat Bands.

Additionally, the Mega Bore tyre inflation system can be incorporated to allow even further reduction in tyre change time by reducing both the deflation and inflation periods. “The Mega Bore system increases the flow area by 2.46 times the current system,” said Travis Parsons, General Manager – Sales.

The advantage of using an ILR wheel on positions one, two, four, and five, against standard five-piece wheel is to allow all tyres positions to be easily rotated to other positions without having to remove or fit components, making tyre rotations faster and easier. When you combine the ILR and DLR across the machine the benefit of this combination saves time, increasing productivity and improves tyre servicemen safety with the reduction in repetitive tasks such as use of impact guns. Savings can also be calculated by the simple fact that the wheels have not been removed from the truck, so re-torques are not required, increasing truck availability.

Field reports show a positive reaction by customers using the OTR Australia QCR System on off-highway trucks. Customers using the OTR Australia QCR System have reported significant improvements in productivity by decreasing haul truck downtime for tyre servicing, while improving safety for the tyre service personnel. The difference between the standard rims and the OTR Australia QCR System is significant on a mine site operation. In as little as 12 months, a customer can measure improvements in uptime of the haul truck fleet.

Customer tests indicate that by using the OTR Australia QCR System, tyre servicing times can improve by greater than 50 per cent, combined with improved service personnel safety standards and reduced occurrence of fatigue and injuries associated with tyre service job functions.

The increased productivity that comes from the OTR Australia QCR System in both manpower and moving dirt will comfortably increase profit within the first 12 months and then contribute to additional revenue for the remainder of their service life. OTR wheels and rims also have greater wheel life, lower maintenance costs, and improve safety – the long-term benefits towards profit speak for themselves.

Speak to the team at OTR Australia about a QCR System for your fleet. Call 1300 791 672 or visit to see how the team can help.


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