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Pumping the better way with Toolkwip

High emissions standards come to diesel-powered dewatering pumps.

Toolkwip Pumps is the distributor of Selwood pumps, including the new innovative and market-leading D75 model with a Hatz Stage V diesel engine.

When water or sludge needs to be removed from trenches, footings or other site preparation works, environmentally friendly, efficient, and reliable equipment is essential to complete the task in the minimum time.

The Selwood D75 is powered by a Hatz Stage V diesel engine.

Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, Selwood pumps have established a reputation for being user-friendly, while being low maintenance and trouble free. These high-performance pumps have provided dewatering solutions across the civil construction, pipeline, sewer bypass, mining, and quarry sectors.

In Australia, the Selwood product – distributed through Toolkwip – has earned recognition for being performance-engineered, cost-efficient and “super silent”, backed by exceptional after-market support. They are also renowned for their ability to self-prime automatically from dry.

The design of Selwood pumps incorporates a water-tolerant diaphragm air pump and emit zero oil vapour, making them an environmentally friendly solution. In addition, the Selwood pump design incorporates a mechanical seal immersed in an oil bath, allowing it to run dry for extended periods.

Selwood models can be made with stainless steel interiors that are durable and highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Some pumps can be heat-treated to make them more robust, which are suitable for tough environments such as mines or quarries.

Self-priming and high volume

D75 Selprime® D Pumps centrifugal pumps have been designed for high-volume fluid transfer, with an ability to manage flows of up to 59 cubic metres per hour. These highly efficient D pumps feature emission compliant engines, while being easy to operate and maintain. Manufactured to a robust engineering standard, the D pumps have been designed to take on the most challenging tasks to remove water of varying conditions, right up to those with fine or larger solids and screened sewage.

Perfect for noise sensitive sites

Selwood ‘Super Silent’ units are ranked the quietest pumps on the market, based on the EU directive 2000/14/EC. Selwood super silent canopies significantly reduce noise for the comfort and safety of workers, as well as for the public in projects near urban and residential areas. Their specially designed canopies are engineered to a high technical standard, complete with silencers and protective enclosures and incorporating world-leading sound attenuation on both diesel and electric motors.

Like other pumps in the Selwood range, the ‘D’ range is fitted with the world-renowned Selprime® diaphragm type priming system, providing strong, fast priming from dry. This priming system is easy to maintain and does not expel any oil mist, unlike rotary vane and compressor prime systems, making the D range pumps an environmentally friendly option.

Environmentally sensitive

Reducing environmental impact and providing an alternative to diesel power, Toolkwip is committed to reducing its environmental impact by supplying the most efficient equipment possible. All Selwood Eco5 pumps are fully bunded for safety and can run on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel as an alternative to diesel.

A cloud-based information management telemetry system has fully programmable software and an ability to measure a multitude of pump and engine conditions, including engine speed, fuel status, and engine temperature.

Low maintenance and easy parts supply

Selwood pumps can be repaired onsite as the pumps’ close-coupled design ensures easy repair and maintenance. Toolkwip can also provide training, genuine parts, valves, and fittings, together with pump accessories, tanks and filtration, pipe stoppers, and hose and pipework.

Toolkwip Pumps is the authorised distributor of the complete range of Selwood Pumps in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and Tasmania. The company maintains a full inventory of pumps and parts, as well as providing full-service support which includes an in-house re-build capability.

For more information on the range of Selwood pumps, visit: or call 03 8805 0500


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