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Proven Strategies to Succeed in an Increasingly Digital World of Construction

The construction industry is evolving with an infusion of digital technology advancements and an increased focus on transportation infrastructure that is sure to shake things up. Although some construction professionals are taking a wait-and-see approach to these exciting changes, many contractors are looking for innovative ways to improve efficiencies, strengthen teams, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge.  

Digitising worksite surveys, for example, are at the forefront of this digital transformation. From drone technology and smart ground control points to automated drone survey data processing and visualisation, construction professionals are getting the digital attention they so greatly deserve. 

Increased infrastructure project demand 

It’s clear the demand for civil construction to support the world’s infrastructure is not coming, it’s already here. Deteriorating bridges, roads, railways, and more are causing not only safety concerns, but also traffic congestion and flow problems as cities continue to grow and develop.

As civil construction companies around the world prepare to meet this growing demand and optimise their operations, an important question bubbles to the surface: What are the strategies that can future-proof my earthworks business?

In “Shaping the Contractor of the Future: 5 Essential Pillars for Success,” Propeller customers weighed in with proven strategies and insights that will shape the future outlook and success for contractors in civil construction. These themes and insights have been synthesized into the following five essential pillars:  

  1. Promote data-driven decision making
  2. Drive stronger office-to-field (and back) communication 
  3. Deliver greater project oversight 
  4. Build a people-first culture 
  5. Focus on an eco-friendly and sustainable workflow

Data-driven decision making 

With the right data insight and analysis, contractors are better equipped to make proactive decisions that: 

  • Address and mitigate risks 
  • Improve team performance and collaboration 
  • Create project efficiencies 
  • Ensure progress tracking against project timelines
  • Resolve disputes 

Recognising the value of data is just the beginning. To truly embrace a data-driven approach to decision making, it’s essential that you put the tools and strategies in place to effectively collect, process, analyze, and use that data. 

Office-to-field (and back) communication 

Communication is the cornerstone to any successful team. On an earthworks site, in particular, communication can prove to be a significant barrier between teams in the office and out on the field. Forward-thinking contractors are making a digital shift to transfer information and communication from field to office (and back). 

Project oversight

Project oversight is more than dollars and timelines. It requires a holistic approach to project management. And to do that, you need to have accurate information and an easy line of communication across your entire team. Technology is a logical source for that information and team engagement.


People are at the core of any construction project, big or small. Attracting new workers can be challenging in today’s job market. Could technology be your secret weapon to attracting those skilled workers? Some Propeller customers say yes! Technology can support not only recruitment efforts, but also team development, and engagement. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable workflows 

Sustainability and environmentally-friendly approaches to earthworks operations has earned a seat at the table for leading construction companies. To create a sustainable worksite, contractors must consider options to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, impact on natural resources, and more. Technology is a logical step toward sustainability, both for the environment and your team.

Future-proofing your business starts here

Change is inevitable. We see it every day in every facet of life. So why not get the insights and strategies you need from your peers to future-proof your business? There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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