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Preston Hire digs into new portfolio

Preston Hire is usually associated with helping customers to go upwards. With an extensive fleet of Cranes, EWPs and Retractable Loading Platforms the team are no strangers to lifting, loading and accessing hard to reach places.

The latest addition to the growing Preston Hire fleet takes them in a different direction … downwards! Preston Hire has announced a new portfolio of excavators will be joining their product line-up and the team couldn’t be happier knowing they can help customers even more – no matter what direction they want to go in.

“I am thrilled we are taking this new road for Preston Hire Australia in the pursuit of enduring growth,” said Preston Hire’s General Manager, Andrew Lambert. “We have always worked hard to provide our customers with a specialised equipment offering that caters to their needs. By expanding our portfolio once again we are able to offer more services to our customers across more disciplines. It is an exciting time for us.”

The new Preston Hire product category will be named SuperEarthMoving™ and will consist of a range of machines spanning mini, small, medium and large excavators.

“The introduction of the SuperEarthMoving™ category provides us with an opportunity to be involved with a project right from the start. Before any construction can begin, the site needs to be cleared along with excavation and foundation works to be completed. Growing in the earthmoving space will allow us to provide our top quality, specialist equipment at all stages of construction. We are already supplying our SuperCrane™ fleet to many of Australia’s leading piling contractors who also frequently utilise earthmoving equipment. Being able to source both cranes and excavators from one supplier will streamline procurement for our clients,” Lambert explained.

To lead the new division, Alex McRae has been appointed as Head of Earthmoving for Preston Hire. Prior to joining Preston Hire, McRae worked across the Earthmoving portfolio with Orange Hire as well as revitalising Clarke Equipment’s Hire business in earthmoving products. His experience will provide a strong influence for the growth of this portfolio of assets as it rolls out across the current branch network.

“I’ve always had a particular interest in the earthmoving space. It’s a big step for Preston Hire to move into a category that is so different to the gear we already have, which is primarily focussed on lifting as opposed to digging. I’m looking forward to ‘breaking new ground’ for Preston Hire in this new category,” said McRae.

“Our diverse fleet will be suitable for a variety of applications including construction, infrastructure, civil works, waste management, agriculture and mining. We already work with many businesses within these industries and initial feedback has been incredibly positive when customers hear they can deal with our team for more of their equipment needs,” explained McRae.

Preston Hire South Australia is the first branch to receive a delivery of new SANY SY16C and SY26U mini excavators and the SY50U small excavator. Manufactured by SANY, these machines come packed with features, the latest technology and impressive performance stats. With zero tail swing radius, powerful load sensing hydraulic systems, noise reduction technology and enhanced digging force, these machines combine performance, reliability and affordability. Each machine is also equipped with height and slew restriction delivering a unique point of difference for the fleet within the excavator hire category.

The NSW and QLD branches will follow soon after with their delivery of machines including the larger SY50U, SY80U, SY135C, SY155U and SY215C models.

“These models were selected to fit specific customer requirements,” explained McRae. “The SY16C and SY26U are suited to tight access jobs, the SY50U and SY80U are perfect for small civil projects, commercial plumbers and the like, whilst our SY155U and SY215C will be at home on large civil jobs and bulk excavations.”

With their COUNT ON US attitude combined with machinery that delivers powerful digging performance, exceptional fuel efficiencies and most importantly, reliability, Preston Hire will no doubt be a force in their latest endeavours and are excited to get digging.

For more details or to discuss your specific needs, contact Alex McRae: Or visit:

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