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Realising the benefits of a FitFleet® Customer Value Agreement.

Having the right equipment is just one step to ensure your business success. But once that equipment is on site and operational, the key to success is staying on top of machine health and maintenance requirements.

That’s the purpose of WesTrac’s FitFleet Customer Value Agreements (CVAs), which offer you a range of options depending on your requirements.

All tiers offer sophisticated data analysis and insights into the condition of your machine.

FitFleet CVAs are all about keeping equipment in the best possible shape to provide maximum productivity, efficiency, and safety performance.

There are four different types of FitFleet CVAs, or tiers, each offering different levels of support – Essentials, Plus, Premium, and Ultimate.

All tiers include sophisticated data analysis and insights into machine condition, which are provided to you. What differs are the service arrangements that come with each tier. Some customers just want to be alerted to the insights, then will organise maintenance, repair or mitigation steps as required, while others want an end-to-end service to ensure their machines are being maintained to the highest standards.

It starts with FitFleet Essentials, which comes as a standard inclusion with every WesTrac machine purchase and helps you understand what’s going on. You will be alerted to any issues and upcoming maintenance requirements, then make your own arrangements for parts and services on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

FitFleet allows you to harness WesTrac’s expertise to get the best from your machinery.

The next tier is FitFleet Plus, which incorporates supply of parts into a flat cost structure that could be bundled in as part of a finance agreement. It’s ideally suited to customers that may prefer doing their own servicing but want to ensure a smooth cash flow.

The FitFleet Premium tier adds the benefit of having trained WesTrac service technicians carry out maintenance requirements, again with costs built in to ensure no major spikes in expenditure from one month to the next.

The highest tier is FitFleet Ultimate, which covers all parts, maintenance, and repair services, and is typically customised to help you address specific issues you’re dealing with. That could include guarantees on component life, or minimum levels of availability.

FitFleet CVAs are far more than an extended warranty or fixed-price service arrangement.

With FitFleet, it’s all about WesTrac proactively helping you to achieve optimum availability and productivity outcomes at the lowest possible cost. WesTrac provides expertise in equipment management and maintenance, and these agreements are built around how you can leverage that expertise to be more

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