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Hoppt Australia is in the business of selling light construction equipment. Delivering quality machines to the customer and backing it up with a no fuss attitude to get the job done.

In today’s hustle and bustle construction managers and contractors are under enormous pressure to meet deadlines and keep costs within budget. Reliable equipment and service are essential. “These guys just want to deal with suppliers they can trust and will back up the equipment,” said Russell Bourne, National Sales Manager for Hoppt Australia. “We provide our customers with expert sales advice, technical support and aftersales service.” The machine purchase is just the beginning.

Ride-on rollers less than 2 tonne are well suited to medium-sized jobs, including driveways, carparks and pathways. A pedestrian roller suits jobs where the machine must be manoeuvrable and easy to steer. The gear needs to be powerful, reliable and ready for work at any time. For this equipment Hoppt has some great options.

From a construction point of view Hoppt rollers have some great features. Upon inspection they inspire confidence with their build and quality components. From KUBOTA and HONDA power to POCLAIN hydraulics, EATON valves, CASAPPA hydraulic vibration motor systems providing years of service ensuring ongoing parts availability for customer peace of mind. This design philosophy and robust construction is confidence inspiring backed by the Hoppt team who are easy to talk to and deal with.



Featured Rollers

The focus is on three models: the 2.8 tonne and 1.6 tonne Kubota powered ride-on dual vibratory rollers and a 500kg pedestrian single drum reversible roller.


Both ride-on models are powered by popular Kubota diesel engines. Turn the key and the Kubota springs to life with a quiet, methodical rhythm as you would expect. All controls fall conveniently to hand as they should from the comfortable seating position. Both models feature dual vibratory mode with either both or front drum only doing the work. With a turning radius of 3100mm and a total operating weight of 1730kg, the DV16 accredits itself very well in a competitive market. Maintenance is simplified with easy access to oil and fuel filters and hydraulic fluid reservoir.

The larger DVR28 2.8 tonne ride-on roller continues the success of the DVR16 design. With the larger 35hp engine, folding ROPS and ease of maintenance this new model is sure to make a positive impression on the market.




Suiting smaller jobs where size and mobility is important, the 500kg pedestrian reversible roller is suitable for sub-bases for footpaths, trenches and cricket pitches. Powered by a 9hp HONDA being economical and reliable, this machine is also well balanced and easily manoeuvred. And as many readers will know, Hoppt also recently released a new range of petrol powered reversible plate compactors. “The new models are 150kg, 200kg, and 300kg fit nicely between the small forward plate compactors and the larger diesel models,” explained Russell. Ideal for compacting soil and gravel in tight spaces, each model travels at 22m per minute, providing consistent operation and compression results. The speed and compaction depth is continuously adjusted thanks to the hydraulic servo-control, resulting in a smooth ride in all directions.

Technically speaking, all Hoppt machines are second-to-none. From state-of-the-art safety features and anti-vibration technology, through to ergonomic designs with low maintenance and full portability considerations, when you find a Hoppt product to suit your needs, you know it’s guaranteed to do the job well, and for a long time. Backing that are the Honda petrol-powered engines, KUBOTA and HATZ diesel engines, which maintain the very best in fuel consumption, performance levels and noise reduction.



EERM_Hoppt_Roadworks_June_2016_Pic_2A progressive company that’s always looking to improve on its robust stable of equipment, Hoppt continues to make a mark on the scene and build on its impressive reputation. “Over the last couple of years,” Russell concluded, “we’ve identified a few gaps in the market and have offered some new models: offering different engine options on the trowel machines and the introduction of the petrol powered reversible plate compactor.”

Providing cost-effective and labour-saving solutions for a wide variety of compaction applications, Hoppt’s consistent and reliable performance is backed by a solid two-year warranty on all their models. Without dropping a “Hoppt to it” cliche, you should really do yourself a favour and check out their range.

Servicing and supporting the construction and concreting industries Australia wide with great products and exceptional service.


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