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Powered up with Develon

Gadtech's Doosan and Develon machines at work on a quarry site.

Develon’s 7M range of heavy excavators introduces a suite of improvements across the board – from power to efficiency to functionality.

Develon’s 7M series of heavy excavators have begun making their way to local shores, bringing with them all power and toughness to face Australia’s toughest conditions, paired with the Korean company’s commitment to smart technological innovations.

Comprising the three heaviest machines in Develon’s excavator line up – the 38-tonne DX360LC-7M, the 42-tonne DX400LC-7M, and the massive 51-tonne DX490LC-7M – Develon’s 7M series is primed to take on a wide range of tough tasks for customers across a range of heavy industries.

One such customer, David Jacobson, has recently added a Develon DX400LC-7M excavator to his fleet. David manages the Tasmanian company Gadtech, which offers quarrying, contract crushing, ready mix concrete supply, and civil and earthmoving services.

Having been a Develon customer for years (initially under the manufacturer’s former name, Doosan), David knew what to expect when he placed the order for the powerful new machine through his local dealer JF Machinery.

Gadtech's Develon D400LC-7M loading a dump truck
David says the Develon D400LC-7M is very quick and responsive for its size.

“We started dealing with Doosan excavators in around 2016 when we took on some used machines as part of a particular contract job,” he says. “Based on that experience, we started to look into new Doosan machines too. And we discovered that their prices were quite a bit cheaper than many of the competitors, and with a more powerful engine.”

One thing led to another, and David and the Gadtech team ended up purchasing a number of Doosan – and now Develon – excavators and wheel loaders, which have been put to use across all other arms of the business.

Earlier on, David says he used to rotate his Doosan machines for new ones quite regularly, not having a good sense of their long-term reliability. But he says if he knew then what he knows now, he wouldn’t have hesitated to hold onto previous machines much longer than he did.

“Looking at it in hindsight, had we known Doosan machines were going to give us such a good run, we probably would have kept each one for twice as long,” David says.

This, he says, is also owing to the level of support Gadtech has received over the years from JF Machinery.

“I’ve known Keith Johnson and Chris Gough there for years now, and we’ve always gotten along really well,” David says. “They offer a really good service, and their backup support has always been superb. We’ve barely had any problems at all with our Doosan machines, but they’ve always gone over and above for me whenever I’ve needed anything.

“And with parts, they’ve been able to get stuff out of Korea in around three days. Whereas with some other brands, sometimes it takes three weeks to get what we need.”

David is a third-generation earthmover, having started his career with his father’s business before going his own way in 1999. Today, his two sons Thomas and Charles Jacobson are following suit, each taking responsibility for different areas of the Gadtech business.

Thomas is in charge of Gadtech’s quarrying operations, where the new 42-tonne Develon D400LC-7M is being put to work. David says Thomas has been impressed by the machine’s power and agility for a larger excavator.

“Bigger machines tend to be slower, but that’s the trade-off for power and volume,” David says. “But these Develons are different. They feel like you’re driving a 20-tonner. Thomas and the other operators have been pretty amazed by how quick and responsive they are.

“And as far as fuel economy goes, we’ve found the Develons have been using just over half of what we’ve seen with some other excavator brands.”

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