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Power couple: Stucchi

Stucchi’s DP and GR multi-coupling series provide speed and efficiency benefits.

Quick couplings manufacturer Stucchi’s DP and GR multi-coupling series are paving the way for quick simultaneous connect and disconnect operations of multiple hydraulic lines. In addition to efficiency gains, the series have also been designed with a strong focus on providing high safety standards.

Drawing on over 60 years of manufacturing knowledge, the Italian company has devised a variety of multi-coupling solutions that cater for the needs of industry, allowing earthmoving operators to efficiently and effectively power on through across a range of tasks.

Stucchi’s multi-coupling series utilise its quick coupling system – offering performance advantages where lines need frequent connection and disconnection – and incorporate a range of specially designed components that allow for the connection and disconnection of multiple lines.

As Stucchi advises, a fixed plate accommodates all the males of the circuit, while a mobile plate is used for the females, with a mechanical lever bringing the two plates together, enabling multiple connections and disconnections with one simple movement.

Multi-coupling solutions for earthmoving applications

Stucchi couplings
Stucchi’s multi-coupling series cater for various customer needs.

Stucchi’s DP and GR multi-coupling series are particularly suited for earthmoving applications, featuring a design that combines a cam mechanism with flat-faced valves and special seals to avoid dirt inclusion, meaning attachment changes can be undertaken without leakage or contamination.

The design allows for the locking of the plates, maintaining a tight and secure connection, preventing brinelling, while it is possible to perform connection and disconnection even in the presence of residual pressure in the circuit.

The connection is made through the lever, enabling coupling and decoupling between the plates, simultaneously connecting all the hydraulic lines, removing the risk of mistakenly connecting different hydraulic lines.

The DP and GR multi-coupling series respectively provide for:

  •  DP multi-coupling series – the quick connection and disconnection of up to six hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic lines
  •  GR multi-coupling series – the quick connection and disconnection of up to 10 hydraulic, electrical, and pneumatic lines.

The lines for both the DP and GR series can all have the same size, or each line can be different according to the application, while both series have been designed for easy installation on a pre-existing system.

Stucchi’s multi-coupling systems include the following key features:

  •  Lever system – reduces the force required to connect multiple lines (also in the presence of residual pressure in the circuit)
  •  Cam system – includes a safety lock, allowing for secure connections and disconnections
  •  Safety system – avoids falling during the disconnection
  •  Minimal fluid leakage risk – in the surrounding environment, minimising dirt inclusion
  •  Electric lines – can potentially be inserted for the transmission of electricity to the tool
  •  Couplings – mounted on the plates with threaded rings or seeger rings, facilitating installation and replacement
  •  Design – compact dimensions do not create bulk when undertaking operations.

Additionally, all multi-couplings come with a QR code sticker, linking to the relevant page on the website, displaying technical information about the product.

Stucchi partners with Hydrill Services to provide an efficient and effective multi-coupling solution

Stucchi has steadily grown its presence in Australia over the past decade, having established its Australian branch, Stucchi FCP, in 2013, comprising a key component of its international operations, and providing a platform for it to further build its presence in the Oceania region.

Based out of Victoria, with offices in Queensland and Western Australia, Stucchi focuses on providing a premium and accessible service for its growing Australian customer base.

Michael Trevor, Hydrill Services Managing Director, said Hydrill has “developed a great partnership with Stucchi Australia”, and that Stucchi’s “dedication to customer service is the reason we continue to work with their team to provide the best service to our customers”.

“In our latest project, Hydrill assisted a leading CSG drilling company to prepare a rig for the field,” he said. “Stucchi delivered a solution to connect the drilling package to the HPU in the form of a multi-coupler system – a process that was previously time consuming and messy for the rig operator.

“From design to delivery, Stucchi was flawless in their service, delivering their proposed solution quickly and effectively. The multi-coupling solution Stucchi provided exceeded the customer’s expectation, and has reduced rig moving time significantly. Service and quality product like this ensures our ongoing custom.”

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