Plug Into No- Limit Digging With Takeuchi Mini Excavator

Plug In To No-Limit Digging With Takeuchi® Indoor/ Outdoor Mini Excavators

One of the key benefits of mini excavators is their ability to be manoeuvred into very tight spaces that are typical of job sites in our ever more crowded cities. With building rehabilitation, additions and basement conversions becoming more common, smaller yet powerful mini and micro excavators have become a favoured and necessary tool.

Despite today’s quiet, low emission diesel engines, there are times when the operation of diesel engine equipped machines may not be environmentally appropriate due to sound level limits or a need to reduce vibration. Storage of diesel fuel on an indoor project may also be impractical or undesirable when operating in high-rise structures or underground works.

Electric Motor Developments

Advances in the power output and efficiency of compact electric motors has enabled these to be used as a successful and beneficial alternative or optional power source in small excavators. Typical of these are the Takeuchi TB210 and TB216 excavators that are widely used by specialists in tight access excavation.

Both these diesel-only models have become popular due to their retractable undercarriage, power output and advanced controls, so it’s no surprise that Takeuchi engineers have added a high-performance electric motor for those times electricity is a preferred power source.

The dual-powered diesel/electric hybrid TB210H and TB216H models share the same design as the diesel-only models. This means you get all the same features with the addition of the electric motor.

Power Source Choice

A stand-out feature of both models is their ability to operate in diesel and electric modes, letting the operator use engine power to unload the unit and get to the work site where it can then plug into a power source and engage the electric motor for 100 per cent emissions-free operation.

A key feature of these models is their ability to use the same controls in either diesel or electric, making it a seamless transition to use in either mode. With the unit connected to the power source, it will switch automatically from diesel to electric power once you have switched it on. When the key is activated, the machines will operate in full electric mode.

With the service hood up, you can access both the electric motor and the diesel engine. Serviceability is very quick and easy. With a simple movement of a lever in the service compartment, the electric motor swings out of the way to enable full access to all the daily service points.

Each power source operates off its own pump group so there’s no drop in performance, regardless of the working mode.

Flexible Voltage

Another advantage of the Takeuchi diesel/ electric hybrid is its variable frequency electric motor. This allows the unit to operate anywhere in the range of 400 volts to 480 volts and from 47Hz to 63Hz supply. It can be operated tethered to a generator or other sufficient power source up to 380m from that power source.

According to Semco, it is testing the market to determine what future demand may exist and could pave the way for hybrid versions of other models in the near future.

Environmental Considerations

The key benefit of the electric drive system is there is no noise and even more importantly, no carbon dioxide emissions. This means there are no toxic fumes and no pollution. And the machine can work relatively silently and indefinitely in a building basement area, which otherwise would need complicated and expensive ventilation systems.

Contractors working on inner city basement excavations will definitely be interested in these sub two-tonne category diesel/electric hybrid excavators because they remove the need to have fuel and other volatile materials on the worksite, which may be an issue in some areas.

Rental Potential

Equipment rental companies have shown interest in these compact diesel/electric hybrid excavators as the addition of these to their fleet may give them a technological edge over their competitors, with the first rental company to add these may be viewed as a market leader.

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