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Pickles: The importance of DDT and industrial events


Auction house Pickles says it’s time to get the engines revving in the lead-up to the National Diesel Dirt & Turf (DDT) Expo in Sydney.

In the dynamic landscape of Australia’s construction sector, events serve as a crucial platform for networking, innovation, and community building.

As the industry prepares for the national DDT Expo, Pickles delves into the importance of events in 2024 and why they are important not just for businesses, but as a catalyst for progress, collaboration and market growth.

To gear up for the event, Pickles is outlining why these events are important to attend in 2024 and for many years to come.

Building communities

The 20s have so far been greatly impacted by difficulties in hosting events, which makes it more important than ever to keep kicking Australian affairs back into gear.

Not the least of which because industrial events serve as a focal point for community building, drawing people of all backgrounds and regions to come together and discover more about each other as they learn about the industry.

Whether it is a large event like DDT, or smaller opportunities, coming together to create a sense of belonging and unity, create connections and uplift the construction community is key.

Coming together to view exhibitors is a way to share stories and experiences, and use these gatherings to strengthen the fabric of local communities and promote pride in Australian industry.

Networking opportunities

One of the most important reasons to attend Australian industrial events such as DDT is that they hold immense networking opportunities.

Industrial events often serve as a hub for professionals, businesses, entrepreneurs and industry leaders to meet and exchange ideas, create partnerships and explore business collaborations. These events provide a fertile ground for growing meaningful business partnerships that can move the industry forward.

The Pickles stand at last year’s DDT Expo.

Showcasing assets

For businesses like Pickles, renowned for its surplus of incredible assets, having the opportunity to display the biggest and best of these to the general public is something that cannot be missed.

While Pickles has many civil construction buyers who get up close and personal with its assets, it’s not often that the wider community has occasion to see large industrial machinery and equipment on display from the auctioneers.

From the everyday enthusiast, to the business owner looking for their next buy, industrial events are the perfect opportunity to check out Pickles’ latest and greatest assets.

Uplifting the industry

Pickles understands the value of fostering a thriving community, recognising that a healthy industry supports healthy businesses, which in turn supports Australia’s growth.

That’s why Pickles participates in large industrial events alongside other incredible industrial vendors, drawing in crowds and creating opportunities for growth.

Events like DDT act as a hub for knowledge exchanges, helping businesses come together to share new equipment, trends, market dynamics, regulatory changes, and foster a culture of working together for the overall benefit of the industry.

Charitable giving

Pickles takes great pride in its commitment to a variety of charitable initiatives that it supports each year, with many Pickles-supported events like the DDT Expo contributing donations from proceeds recouped from the event.

Not only do these events generate donations, they serve as a way to network and create opportunities for other charitable initiatives.

The tight-knit construction industry often comes together throughout the year for a range of events that generate funds for charity.

Recently, Pickles offered free auction services to raise funds for the Cancer Council, which saw State Sales Manager Matt Blanch successfully generate $13,950 for the initiative.

This event is one of many that happens throughout the year that features DDT partners in attendance for a good cause.

Educating attendees

DDT has evolved into the perfect platform to showcase Pickles’ extensive services, recruitment opportunities, and update current clientele on all the exciting developments happening within the business.

For attendees, having the opportunity to speak with Pickles’ experts can be the most efficient way to source information on the range of sales and services accessible to Australian buyers.

Instead of searching themselves, visitors are able to gain valuable insight through informal conversations with Pickles staff. It is also a way for Pickles to encourage industry enthusiasts to check out job listings and traineeship programs available for those looking to stick their foot in the door of the sector.

One of the highlights each year at DDT is the feature auction run by Pickles.


DDT needs little advertising: as Australia’s largest construction industry expo, it is a must-attend occasion for industry insiders.

From networking opportunities, to showcasing the power of Pickles, the importance of attending industrial events cannot be overstated.

By actively participating in these gatherings, the industry can thrive through collaboration, innovation and joint strength.

The National Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo is Australia’s largest construction industry expo and will be held from Friday to Sunday, April 12-14, at Sydney Dragway.

For more information about the expo, head to dieseldirtandturf.com.au. And make sure to visit the Pickles stand and live auction at the show.


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