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Making the most of increased global infrastructure investment with Shell and Viva Energy Australia.

The world of construction is changing rapidly. On a journey to decarbonise operations, businesses are quickly adapting to new ways of working. Many governments have identified the positive impact construction can have on global economies and are ramping up investments in infrastructure projects in 2023.

For example, in the US, construction spending is expected to increase by 5.5 per cent in 2023, with the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act driving increased demand1. China put even more money behind infrastructure projects in 2022, boosting construction with its own $2.3 trillion plan2 – and the country is set to invest further during 20233.

All this investment creates a vital opportunity for the construction industry to drive growth – for the businesses themselves and the communities they operate in.

A big opportunity

To realise the potential of increased global investments in infrastructure, companies need the ability to take on a range of new projects on top of current workloads. This means setting up for success by optimising processes and maximising equipment uptime.

There’s a shortage of skilled workers across multiple industries, and construction is one of the worst affected4. Companies need to make the most of the skilled teams they have and equip them with the right tools and processes. Also, with rising material, fuel and labour costs, companies need to find as many efficiency savings as possible to protect their margins. A vital place to look for these savings is in equipment operations, where breakdowns contribute to missed deadlines and account for roughly 40 per cent of cost overruns5.

Viva Energy Australia, the Shell Lubricant Macro Distributor in Australia, offers a range of lubricants, oils and greases that can help extend equipment lifespan, prevent breakdowns, and provide solutions for effective maintenance plans.

“Shell invests significantly in technical collaboration and has over 350 product application specialists that work closely with OEM and customers to develop innovative lubricant solutions,” said Silvana Farrugia, Technical Expert from Viva Energy.

Ensuring equipment can work hard

As construction companies take on more projects, equipment reliability and processes will be critical in delivering on time and to budget. Shell has a wide variety of lubricants, tools, technologies, and initiatives available to maximise equipment uptime and drive efficiency.

Here are some of the solutions companies can explore:

  •  Predictive maintenance and modelling

Unplanned downtime can easily come from previously unnoticed equipment damage. With predictive maintenance practices (including oil-condition monitoring), construction crews can spot and fix issues before they escalate, preventing avoidable breakdowns and unplanned downtime. Sensors play a vital role in this, creating a valuable new source of data for companies to generate actionable insights.

  •  Preventative maintenance

Ineffective lubrication has caused breakdowns for four out of 10 companies6. High-performance lubricants for engines, hydraulics, gears and transmission systems are an essential part of avoiding unplanned downtime and maximising equipment productivity. Regular ongoing maintenance from on-site assessments and services like Shell LubeAnalyst optimise lubrication practices, and can make a huge difference to delivering projects on time and on budget. Viva Energy Australia’s local technical helpdesk ( is also a great resource in providing the best lubricant solutions.

An expert partner

Construction businesses have a huge opportunity and collaboration will be crucial in setting them up for success. Working closely with a partner like Viva Energy can help businesses select solutions that meet their specific needs and take advantage of the opportunities increased investment in construction will bring.

For more information about Viva Energy and its lubricant product range visit, and for product information contact the Technical Helpdesk Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm AEST. Call 1300 134 205 or email


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