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ITR- Part of The Greater Good

The old philosophy ‘The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts’ doesn’t always ring true. Sometimes, just sometimes, the parts can be greater.

In earthmoving circles your equipment takes a beating; there’s no two ways about it. You’ve got colossal, powerful machinery trudging through the elements, shifting mammoth mounds of muck and material, day in, day out. No matter how state-of-the-art your ride, the wear and tear eventually requires an update of sorts – preferably not the whole rig, just some of its appendages. With your assets being too valuable to rely on second-rate replacement components, it’s imperative you refit only the best spare parts. This is where ITR comes in. As a global leader in the manufacture and supply of earthmoving machine parts, they have everything you need to keep your equipment on track.

A Bit Of Background

The first thing to note is that ITR are big. Really big. We’re talking about a company that has a multitude of ginormous manufacturing plants around the world (try a 27,000 m² warehouse in the Middle East on for size), hundreds of branches and offices, thousands of employees and huge internal infrastructure ranging from research and development, mass production and international distribution, and that’s not to mention the millions – quite literally – of highly engineered parts they create.

ITR Pacific, the Australasian division of the company, is run by General Manager Graeme Lehmkuhl. Originally from South

Africa and with a knowledgeable background in mechanics, Graeme has over 30 years’ experience in the earthmoving parts industry and certainly knows the business inside and out.

“ITR Pacific was established in 2007,” he said, starting from the beginning, “and is part of the USCO group that has been operating since 1989, specialising in the supply of spare parts to the earthmoving industry.

ITR Pacific was started by Ron Los, who is internationally recognised as one of the most experienced players in the aftermarket parts business. [Our] Head Office is based in Yatala, Queensland, with branches in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Kalgoorlie.”

Parts Of The Puzzle

ITR supply earthmoving spare parts for Caterpillar®, Komatsu® and a huge range of undercarriage parts and components for most makes of machines such as Kobelco®, Hitachi®, IHI®, Case®, Hyundai®, Kubota®, Volvo®, Sumitomo®, Yanmar® and more. “Offering a one-stop solution to customers in the mining and construction business,” as Graeme put it. Here is a breakdown of just some of their products…

General Repair Parts

This is ITR’s bread and butter with the range currently sitting at over 30,000 product pieces. These include anything and everything you can think of: frame components, engine parts, hydraulic parts, final drive parts, cooling systems, torque converters and their relative components, braking system parts, electric parts, parts for transmissions and even cab chassis parts.

To give you an idea of the scale, just in their gear pumps department, they boast an annual production capacity of 60,000 gear pumps in over 400 different types. Now that’s pumping out some pumps!


The ITR undercarriage line includes a vast range of components such as track chains, rollers, sprockets, idlers, side frames, pads and segments for larger earthmoving, agricultural and specialty machines. In addition to standard excavator and dozer applications, the ITR undercarriage line covers asphalt road paving, drilling and logging machines, providing a complete solution, from Track One complete frames through to smaller undercarriage parts.

Rubber Tracks

Rubber tracks, mini excavators and mini undercarriage components have become more and more popular over the decades and ITR have kept up with demand,

supplying the most complete product range in the market to suit most modern machines. And as the product lines and their attachments grow, so does ITR’s range.

Ground Engaging Tools

Covering Tips and Adaptors for Wheel Loaders and Excavators, Blades and Scarifier Tips for Motor Graders, Blades and End Bits for Bulldozers and Scrappers. With an assortment of single and double beveled edges. All the bits and pieces necessary for excavation and levelling.

People, Passion And Precision

Just like ITR make strong parts that improve your machinery, the strength in their business lies in the people that make up the company.

The real success behind ITR is the dynamic and passionate staff employed across the country,” Graeme elaborated. “Due to the strong global brand, ITR Pacific has been able to attract the leaders in the industry, offering experience and knowledge across the full range of products. What [also] gives ITR the advantage in the market is the fact that they own the manufacturing facilities, giving them full control of the quality and consistency of the brand.”

For ITR it all really starts in their international Research and Development Centres.

All their products are first conceived, designed, engineered and tested by USCO’s engineering and R&D departments. Quality control on all products is paramount to their business and their reputation. They have cutting-edge laboratories where quality checks and trials are performed before, during and after production processes. Everything is done to the highest international standards using purpose-designed, pre-calibrated equipment ensuring integrity of test results.

So next time you get spare parts from ITR, you know they’ve been truly tried-and-tested and are as robust as they come.

Future Proof

Now well established, ITR both abroad and locally continues to flourish at a rapid rate with new developments always on the horizon.

“Our range has grown and expanded through the recent acquisition of major global suppliers, such BYG, Modena Parts and Bulldog Gaskets and Seals,” Graeme divulged.

As the demand for spare parts increases, ITR’s prolific range keeps up, all while their name and products remain synonymous with the best quality on the market.

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