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Australian Made Mist Cannons Deliver Dust Suppression

Australian-owned-and-operated OZmist has been hard at work in recent times, with the high-pressure misting systems specialist having made a number of refinements to its T45AU Mist Cannon, along with introducing its new M45AU Mist Cannon to market, complementing a product portfolio that encompasses a range of industrial solutions.

Operating out of Wangaratta in the north-east of Victoria, OZmist designs and manufactures misting systems that are shipped around Australia and the world, with its team dedicated to looking into innovative new uses for its products, and the technology including overseeing research and development initiatives tackling the often pervasive problem of fugitive dust particles.

Dust particles can, of course, present a significant issue across a range of earthmoving applications – from mining to demolition sites and excavator operations – and companies need to ensure adequate measures are in place in accordance with relevant regulations.

Certainly, when it comes to managing the impact of dust across different operations, industry needs to take a proactive approach to combat the problem, and as OZmist notes “ignorance is not an excuse anymore”.

The T45AU And M45AU Mist Cannons

Notably, both the T45AU and M45AU are certified Australian Made products, and are built for Australian conditions, with the design and manufacturing carried out locally.

The T45AU has a tandem wheel trailer base and onboard water storage of 2000 L while the M45AU is a skid based unit and holds up to 1200 L. Both units sport an impressive 45m mist throw delivered via the powerful mist cannon.

The onboard 18 L/PM 3-phase industrial mist pump pressurises the tank water to 1000 psi. As the high pressure water is forced through the 60 high-precision and ultra-fine mist nozzles it is broken up into millions of tiny droplets that are carried away via a powerful 5.5 kW fan motor, delivering the 45m throw, encapsulating dust particles and stopping them from becoming airborne.

Range adjustment is via the Linak LA36 electric linear actuator which lifts the fan outlet to over 45-degrees. A motor-driven gearbox provides left-to-right oscillation is adjustable and up to 340-degrees.

Portable Units

When full, T45AU requires a vehicle with a 3500kg towing capacity to move it to site, while OZmist advises that the M45AU’s small size and 660kg tare weight makes it transportable with any number of vehicles, and that it can be picked up by either fork or crane and easily moved into position.

The T45AU’s tandem trailer comprises  a heavy duty gal-dipped steel frame with mudguards, five heavy duty off-road tyres (with storage for the spare) and Sunraysia rims, and is fitted out with electric brakes, a brake-away unit and roller rocker load- sharing suspension, along with high and low indicator lights and flashing safety lights that operate when the generator is running.

Both the T45AU and M45AU are equipped with a water tank fabricated from 3mm aluminium checker plate sheet, and when the water level is running low, an internal low-water-level float stops the mist pump and a warning light is illuminated until water is added.

Control Panel And Remote Control

The T45AU and M45AU can both be controlled from the easily accessible control panel, and both units come with a radio remote control, which offers a 100m range, providing all the functions of the panel and allowing for additional flexibility at worksites.

The T45AU’s electrical cabinet has been designed and wired to comply with strict Australian standards. With nearly all components sourced in Australia, should there be a breakdown or problem, replacement components are ‘off the shelf’ limiting costly and frustrating downtime. OZmist advises that the T45AU and M45AU are supplied fitted with a Makinex 3-phase 16 kVA generator with Honda electric start motor. The generator has a run time in excess of 8.5 hours from a tank of unleaded fuel (with both the T45AU and M45AU also available without any generator fitted).

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