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Ozmist Introduces The Ultimate Portable Dust Suppression

Australian-owned-and-operated Ozmist has long been a local trendsetter, with the misting system’s manufacturer having initially brought its people-cooling systems to the Australian market almost two decades ago, and its product portfolio has steadily expanded over the years to encompass a range of industrial solutions.

The brainchild of founder Dean McDonald – who formed the company in 2000 after seeing misting systems extensively used in the US, and realising the value similar systems could deliver locally – Ozmist operates out of Wangaratta in the north-east of Victoria, designing and manufacturing systems that are shipped around Australia and the world

The Ozmist team is dedicated to looking into innovative new uses for its products, and its research and development initiatives encompass a range of issues relevant to industry, including tackling the often pervasive problem of fugitive dust particles.

Dust particles can, of course, present a significant issue across a range of earthmoving applications – from mining to demolition sites and excavator operations – with industry needing to take a proactive approach to combat the problem, and as Ozmist notes “ignorance is not an excuse anymore”.

Ozmist bills its T45 Mist Cannon as “the ultimate in portable dust suppression”, with the Australian-made, fully self-contained system having been built for Australian conditions, encompassing a mist cannon, high-pressure mist pump, water tank, trailer, control panel and remote control. Being self-contained, the T45 simply requires a vehicle with a 3500kg towing capacity to move it to site, where it can then be deployed, with its industrial mist pump pressurising the tank water to 1000 psi and creating very fine water droplets. These droplets, in turn, encapsulate dust particles and stop them from becoming airborne.

The droplets are distributed via the cannon, which is fitted out with a double stainless steel misting ring encompassing 60 high-precision and ultra-fine mist nozzles. An electric actuator lifts the fan outlet to over 45-degrees, and a 7.5kW fan motor delivers a 45m mist throw, with adjustable left-to-right oscillation of up to 340-degrees.

Sporting a 2000 L capacity, the T45’s water tank is fabricated from 3mm aluminium checker plate sheet and provides a run time of 110 minutes from a full tank of water.

When the water level is running low, an internal low-water-level float stops the mist pump and a warning light is illuminated until water is added.

The T45’s tandem trailer comprises a heavy duty gal-dipped steel frame with mudguards, five 31-inch BFGoodrich off-road tyres (with storage for the spare) and Sunraysia rims, and is fitted out with electric brakes, a break-away unit and roller rocker loadsharing suspension, along with high and low indicator lights and flashing safety lights that operate when the generator is running.

Ozmist advises that the T45 couples a Makinex 3-phase 16 kVA generator to a Honda electric start motor, with a generator run time in excess of 8.5 hours from a tank of unleaded fuel.

When it comes to operating the T45, it can be controlled from the control panel positioned at the rear of the tank, while the remote control can also be used within a 100m range, providing for additional flexibility at worksites.

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