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OTR: The wheel deal



OTR Australia’s Travis Parsons tells EEM how his business is uniquely placed to support the wheel and tyre needs of the earthmoving industry.

OTR Australia prides itself on manufacturing robust, high-quality wheels and tyres for the mining, construction, and agricultural markets. Better yet, everything’s engineered, tested, and manufactured in Australia to ensure products are made with local knowledge, and with quick turnaround times.

Travis Parsons, General Manager Sales for OTR Australia, says OTR’s earthmoving products – including wheels and tyres for skid steers, articulated dump trucks, small wheel loaders, and more – have rapidly become a big part of the business.

“We have thousands of different wheel options available for the construction market, and with a tyre to suit every option,” Travis says. “Plus, everything’s either in stock, or we can manufacture it within a few days. We’re a manufacturer at heart, so that’s the core of what we do.”

With coverage Australia-wide, OTR Australia delivers quality products with fast turnaround times. Image: OTR Australia

This versatility is further supported by OTR Australia’s nation-wide coverage, with branches around the country.

“We’re the only Australian manufacturer with engineers on the ground across the country,” Travis says. “That means we can engineer all our products specifically for Australian conditions.

“Our team is across all the issues customers might encounter with their wheels and tyres. We’re able to rectify any issues with OEM products, then manufacture better, stronger alternatives.

“And we do so at the market price, so there’s real value there for customers. Plus, our  turnaround time for custom manufacturing is one-of-a-kind. No one else can match it.”

Custom quality

OTR Australia has two major manufacturing facilities: one in Mildura, in north-western Victoria, and one in Yatala, Queensland.

“We have about 60 dedicated manufacturing staff,” Travis says. “That’s about 40 per cent of our staff overall who are in our manufacturing facilities making our products.

“Custom manufacturing is a really big part of our business – particularly for the construction side. In the mining space, there’s only really two main brands that we have to cater to.

But in construction, there’s upwards of 15 brands on the market right now, and people are always bringing in new brands and new models.

“We can custom manufacture products for any of those pieces of equipment. We’ll send people out to do the measure-up and quote, then send that to our engineering team, which is also based in Australia. They’ll draw it up, do the FEA (finite element analysis) to make sure everything’s all spot-on from an engineering standpoint, and then we manufacture.

“The end result is often a much better product than what you’d get from the OEM, purely because we’re not doing them in bulk volumes in an overseas factory. So we can ensure that extra degree of quality control.”

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