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Order Of Australia for Manufacturing Legend !

Gary Briggs, Managing Director of Dingo Mini Diggers was honoured with Order of Australia Medal in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours list for his more than 30 years of service to the Australian manufacturing sector in Queensland.

Best known for being the father of the Dingo Mini Digger, and indeed the entire mini-digger industry Gary has long been a passionate and vocal advocate for Australian Manufacturing. In his long career, Gary has designed and manufactured a number of innovations such as six-wheeler vehicle modifications, lifting equipment and an automated fencing machine and system.

“The entire range of Dingo’s are manufactured and assembled right here in regional Queensland, in Dalby,” Gary outlined. “We do all the metals manufacturing locally and use local and Australian suppliers for all components whenever we can. Of course some components, such as engines, come from overseas, but even then, we purchase them through Australian distributors.

“I am sure I am not the only one who has been frustrated at the decline of the Australian Manufacturing industry over the last few decades. We have not only seen businesses finish here, but the end of entire manufacturing sectors and all the downstream industries.

“There were lots of factors at play, including the Australian dollar volatility, tariff reduction and the illusion that ‘cheaper is better’. It was not only being done by consumers, but by manufacturers themselves outsourcing a range of manufacturing components overseas.

“What the recent COVID19 experience has shown us is just how fragile these types of supply lines are and how we have lost our self-sufficiency as a nation. The quality of these materials also just hasn’t been there.

“I am confident in the future though,” he added. “To be honest, we are seeing a bit of a turnaround. People are beginning to realise and remember why Australian manufacturing was the best and that poor quality outlasts the thrill of a cheap price. “That’s why I am so excited for the alliance Dingo has with Wacker Neuson – it ensures an Australian Made machine, built by an Australian owned company remains the best mini digger ever in the market – not only here, but in the world,” Gary concluded.

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