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Obsessing over the Zaxis-5 Series Excavators


Power, comfort, efficiency, and productivity encompass the new range of Hitachi ZX-5 excavators.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia (HCA) announces the launch of the ZAXIS-5 series excavators, the result of thousands of hours invested into new benchmarks in power, efficiency, reliability and superior operator comfort leading to improved productivity. After many years of ongoing customer engagement and confirming the changing market needs, the ZX-5 series development is one borne of sheer perseverance to build to build simply better machinery, the result is heralded as a productivity workhorse.

A part of the global and diversified Hitachi Group, HCA is known for delivering high-quality sales, service and parts support to customers across industries such as mining, quarry, construction, forestry, material handling and recycling. They are the exclusive distributor of Hitachi, Bell and John Deere equipment in Australia.

Hitachi boasts an unmatched reputation in providing highly sophisticated excavators with high performance, efficiency, and durability. The new ZX-5 range comprises of a series of 19 excavator variants in total, designed to maximise performance, operator comfort, efficiency, reliability and overall productivity.

Beginning at the nimble end of the series is the ZX130 with an engine rating of 73.4kW and operating weight of up to 14,500kg. At the higher end of the scale is the giant ZX890 model with an engine rating of 377kW and operating weight of 85,100kg. Additional models include the ZX140W and ZX170W wheeled and ZH210LC hybrid excavators.

Frank Gili, General Manager of Sales (Construction & Forestry) from HCA says ‘the machines deliver a number of highly refined features, based on market needs, which are a testimony to the perseverance of development, testing and refinement.’

“Equipped with the innovative TRIAS or redesigned HIOS III hydraulic systems, the ZX-5 series will provide higher yields with better fuel consumption compared to the previous model. The result is simply lower fuel costs, with no compromise on productivity, which over time makes a big difference to total cost of ownership.”

“In developing the innovative TRIAS system our engineers, based on feedback from our customers, fully understood the importance of improved efficiency without compromising productivity. This is where the new TRIAS 3-pump 3-valve hydraulic system comes into its own.”

“Engineers put additional emphasis into the chassis design, including reinforcing it with strengthening brackets to ensure these are the most durable series yet.”

“As far as maintenance goes, all areas for inspection and service are now more accessible than before, which is just clever thinking.”

Right up there in the range of improvements, is the high levels of operator comfort the series now boasts.



“The seat and console can now slide further back, offering expanded leg space and a more comfortable working environment for the operator. The console on the right side has been ergonomically redesigned. The new heated air suspension seat is perfectly suited for colder temperatures and minimises operator fatigue by absorbing vibration during operation. And finally, to ensure easy access to information, a large multi-function LCD monitor screen has been added providing all necessary data, viewed in bright sunlight or darkness. This is seriously impressive stuff for the operator and it’s all about their relationship with the machine,” said Frank.

Highlighting the benefits of the new ZX-5 range of excavators, Hitachi National Product Manager – Wheel Loader & Excavators, Hiroyuki Mitsuyoshi stated, “The new ZX-5 range delivers performance, efficiency, reliability and comfort. We recognise that fleet owners   require high-quality, efficient machines that can work effectively, even in challenging conditions. We also realise that operators need a safer, user-friendly work space, and a machine that can respond to their skills with speed and precision. Therefore to achieve a satisfying result, on time, on budget and to a high standard, we have aimed to maximise availability of the new ZX-5 series with easy maintenance features and after-sales service.”

From a global perspective the new range was created by a team of expert engineers at the Design Centre at Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (HCM) in Japan. Yusuke Kajita, General Manager of HCM’s Construction Equipment Development Centre, says “We develop new machines, concepts and specifications in accordance with customer and market requirements. The Australian market demands power, comfort, efficiency and controllability, and I believe that the ZX-5 is even more suitable to Australian requirements than the ZX-3. The ZX-5 has better fuel efficiency, without compromising power, lower noise levels and excellent comfort.”

The powerful new-generation Isuzu engine delivers higher productivity with greater fuel efficiency. The auto shutdown and auto idle features prevent fuel wastage and reduce noise levels, exhaust emissions and CO².

The new range of ZX-5 excavator machines both incorporate an attachment support system, which highlights their versatility. The system has 11 modes that can be registered on the monitor for ease of use with different attachments.

With enhanced visibility, particularly down the right hand side of all the new ZX-5 excavators, the operator can work in comfort and safety on the busiest construction sites. The monitor and door have been repositioned to enhance the view and also make access to and from the cab much easier. The rear-view camera offers a closer view of the counterweight to minimise the blind spot.

All ZX-5 models, have several features for easy maintenance to ensure high levels of availability. Access for cleaning and replacing consumable parts, such as filters, has also been made easier on the new models.

To find out more see the Hitachi Zaxis-5 Mid-Sized Excavator in action.

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