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NTI Ltd Working With Government During Covid19 Restriction

Australia’s largest specialist insurer, NTI Ltd, has been working with the government to implement new means of support to ensure the transport and logistics industries can deliver essential goods as the coronavirus crisis continues.

NTI is taking part in government round tables with other leading trucking, rail, maritime and freight organisations to discuss the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the transport and logistics industries.

“Operators are working tirelessly to ensure medical supplies and groceries are being delivered around Australia, and we advocate the need for transport and logistics to continue to be viewed as essential so these goods can reach those who need them,” NTI CEO Tony Clark said.

NTI has been advocating for truck drivers. Some of the vital recommendations include:

  • Supporting industry campaigns to keep transport facilities open, clean, and hygienic. This ensures fatigue is managed and drivers remain safe.
  • Making sure all freight is seen as essential so it gets to its destination.
  • Supporting Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia in its calls for all transport suppliers, repairer services and manufacturers to be viewed as essential. This ensures trucks remain working and on the road.
  • Stopping all increases in charges to transport operators during this unprecedented time.
  • Advocating to increase the asset write-off threshold to be above $150,000 as truck costs exceed this amount.

Mr. Clark said NTI has also introduced its own means of support for its customers.

“For those whose businesses have been impacted and are not currently operating their vehicles, work equipment or vessels, our Laid Up Cover is available to support them – as it always has been during times of need,” said Mr Clark.

“We’re embracing technology to ensure there are minimal impacts to assessments and repairs, and our Repair Managers are now conducting virtual assessments using smartphones and tablets.

“We know drivers and business owners are concerned about being able to access the parts they need should their vehicle need repairs so we’re staying in constant contact with manufacturers and dealerships to ensure we can get those replacement parts.”

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