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No Time For A Grizzly!

With FlipScreen, you take the screener to the material, instead of having to cart the material to the screening machine.

We hear it all the time, how so many companies are frustrated with the results and wasted time that a grizzly produces. The amount of driving back and forth that your carriers are doing on-site. It doesn’t make sense that material needs to be handled so many times to get it into a truck to cart away. Lumber jacks upgraded their tools many years ago, transforming from an axe to a chainsaw. It saved them time and energy and increased returns. Yet for some reason, industries that utilize grizzly screens including mining, construction, foundry, recycling and industrial, have not done the same.

Why would companies in 2021 still invest money into a stationary screen, that leaves your screened material on the floor, for you to pick up again? You lose material off the bottom that needs to be picked up and screened again. You drive around handling the same material multiple times. You screen relatively low amounts at poor quality. The grizzly screen needs to be constantly defouled. Jamming rocks can be a real time-waster, with the pain of watching your operator stop for just this purpose. You can’t screen different grade materials easily in a given day. Wet material clogs up your grizzly quick as can be, and you have to waste space with the grizzly and time carrying it around the site to where you want to screen.

The frustrations with a grizzly screen are so obvious, and with a little adjustment in thinking, so is the solution. Invest in something that would make life easier, while saving time and see greater profits.

Enter Flipscreen with the Flispcreen, you drive to the material, scoop, drive to the truck, screen, and then drive to another truck or wherever you want the overs and dump. Material handled one time!

You can also screen in water. Screen corrosive material. Dig into the fresh ground and screen that material immediately. Change screen sizes in 5 minutes with one operator and no tools. Screen faster and better quality material. The flipscreen can also be kitted with their purpose built brush kit for added productivity with sticky material, clearing the mesh on every rotation.

Below is a WL180 Flipscreen, suitable for an 11 – 18 ton loader. With a 50mm Mesh, it will screen approximately 276 yd³ of medium-sized material per hour. You will never be able to achieve this with a similar-sized loader dropping material onto a 50mm mesh grizzly! If you use a 6” like a grizzly, the Flispcreen will do even more!

Flipscreen can produce any size mesh, enabling you to screen material faster than any large grid grizzly, except straight into a truck, or wherever needed.

One operator for one carrier machine and your site is operational. No need for multiple people to pay and manage/supervise.

Transporting one carrier machine saves on money, time and complexity. The Flipscreen can be changed between carrier machines with very little hassle. Flipscreen can even be floated on a truck still attached to the carrier. Between sites and on-site, moving a Flipscreen is a dream, whereas moving a grizzly screen is a real hassle.

Screen more material, with less machinery, less personnel, less time, lower ongoing expenses, all relate to greater profits.

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