Case Study

Nimac Pacific – the D’Avino importer and distributor for the Pacific Area and Adam Lowe Earthmoving

Earthmoving up on the Central Coast of NSW has been keeping Adam Lowe and his team from Adam Lowe Earthmoving on their toes with plenty going on, but with his talented team and armed with his first new D’Avino D12 High Volume Dump Truck, he has everything in place to keep on trucking.

Located in Somersby and specialising in a range of works including construction excavation, landscaping, road projects and fire trails, the team at Adam Lowe Earthmoving has provided high-quality earthworks for residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout the Central Coast since 1997.

Adam’s a big believer in working with a modern and well-maintained fleet that’s diverse enough to take on all projects’ levels and size. As a business, to also provide affordable equipment for hire, reliability, and durability are equally important.

EEM chatted with Adam on-site and discussed his day-to-day operations and more. “Each year, we add new vehicles to our fleet. As our fleet of equipment grows, so do our capabilities and the types of work we can quote on and successfully execute. We let our clients know, and once we understand what they need, we’ll make it happen for them—giving them the comfort that their project is in good hands when they choose to work with Adam Lowe Earthmoving. We deal with projects of all sizes. With a wide range of excavation equipment, each with multi-functional attachments, so we’re ready for anything,” said Adam, as EEM watched Adam Lowe’s Earthmoving brand new D’Avino D12 Dump Truck work on the site in front of us.

In previous months, a friend of Adam’s suggested he meet up with Nick and Matteo From Nimac Pacific, the D’Avino importer and distributor for the Pacific Area, after seeing first-hand how nimble, well-built, and cost-effective the D12 was. After checking out the D’Avino with his own eyes and instantly realising the potential for the four-wheel steer, high volume, 12 Ton Dump Truck, Adam was sold and has been utilising the D12 across a range of sites that suit its excellent manoeuvrability and highvolume specs.

When discussing how the D12 has been performing Adam shared, “we have a contract now that’s seeing us work along narrow fire trails in the national park. The maximum manoeuvrability delivered from the four-wheel steering is nothing short of impressive. The 5.42 metre long D12 can turn on a dime, well, not quite, but when you see a turning circle for a machine of its size, it’s close enough. A hydrostatic transmission, along with a Perkins (83Kw/113 Hp) engine work effortlessly together to create the 12 ton max load capacity and allow simple yet powerful D12 build up to a max 35km/hr top speed.”

Adam himself has built a great relationship with the team at Sydney Trucks and Machinery (STM), so he is well versed in the extremely comprehensive service and maintenance procedures that are offered by the team at STM, the Local D’Avino dealer for the Sydney Area. Having this level of back-end support when purchasing the D12 only added to the value of this machine.

The D’Avino range is brought into Australia by Nimac Pacific, founded in Sydney by Nicola’ Quarti and Matteo Scappucci in early 2020. It’s very apt that these Italian made D’Avino machines are being released in Australia by these two Italian gentlemen. In fact, these two guys proved to be great characters, and the passion for their product also fitted the classic Italian mould. When asking Matteo and Nicola’ about the history of Nimac Pacific, they shared, “Nimac is an Equipment Distribution Platform connecting the Construction, Agriculture and Mining industries operating within the Pacific Region. With the best machinery solutions produced and designed in Europe and North America to meet the local market requirements and operator’s needs in terms of safety, quality, reliability, and performance.

Between us, we have 15 years of experience in the Australian mining, construction and agricultural industries. We started Nimac Pacific to offer high-tech solutions for rough terrain applications requiring dumpers, dump trucks, tool carriers, water trucks, concrete mixers and rough terrain material handling machines.”

When asking Matteo about the relationship with Adam Lowe Earthmoving, he said, “we have been developing a constructive working relationship with Adam from the beginning of 2020, when we entered the local earthmoving market with the D’Avino dump trucks range. We have been working with Adam and other highly specialised operators in the earthmoving industry to have a better understanding of the challenges they are facing on their day-by-day activities and, together with these local partners and our dealer’s network, we have developed a range of models with specifically tailored configurations to support the Australian market.”

Matteo continued, “Adam took delivery of his first D’Avino D12 rear tipping dump-truck in January 2021 through our Sydney dealer (STM), and since then, we have received great feedback. Typically when an operator sees the machine, the first specification which gets their attention is the high-volume capacity of the dump body. For such a compact machine, with its 8300L heaped capacity, the D12 has a 40 per cent load capacity increase than any other machine in the same market’s bracket. Such an increase, on a day-by-day activity, is translated to enhanced productivity with a reduced cost for m3 of moved material, which in simple words means a better return of investment on the equipment.”

“The drive train with automotive hydrostatic transmission and double steering axle with three-mode steering and differentials locks make the machine the right fit for all those operations in confined spaces and in particular rough terrains. The certified abrasion-resistant HARDOX body and the locally developed underbody armoured protections have been implemented as a standard for our market to cope with the particularly harsh environmental conditions of Australian. So as much, even though our machines are made in the Northern Hemisphere, they have very much been adapted and evolved to suit the Australian conditions,” commented Matteo, in his thick Italian accent.

EEM chatted with Nicola’ about the positive impacts the D12 has had for Adam Lowe Earthmoving, and he shared, “as Adam and his operations are located on the Central Coast, where in a few kilometres the landscape can change from forest to sandy beaches. Adam Lowe Earthmoving can benefit from the flexibility and the high performance off-highway of the D’Avino D12.”

“To ensure safety and stability in any conditions, together with Adam, Nimac have configured the machine with two different wheels options that can be quickly swapped when needed; the standard high traction 19.5” wheels make the machine unstoppable while working on the forest-type environment, while the high-flotation 22.5” radial tyres are specifically dedicated to maintaining high performance on the beach or sandy settings,” said Nicola’.

It’s a great sign for other earthmoving businesses out there to know there is a new high-quality and well-priced player in this 12-ton high volume dump truck market. It’s also a particularly good sign when someone with the expertise and experience of Adam from Adam Lowe Earthmoving jumps on board with a relatively new machine in the Australian market. But when you factor in the successful 70 years history of D’Avino machines in Europe and the backend support of STM, EEM feel like these machines have the potential to do exceptionally well here in Australia.

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