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Next generation of Kobelco for the next generation of the Begbies

(March 2016) – As Kobelco introduces the next generation of its powerful and fuel-efficient excavators, a Melbourne contracting business is moving to its next generation, too.

Daniel Begbie has just taken delivery of the first new Generation 10 Kobelco SK210LC-10 in Australia. Daniel’s father, Robert Begbie, started his earthmoving business 30 years ago and Daniel recently started his own operation. Both senior and junior Begbie choose Kobelcos for their businesses.

“I learnt everything I know from my Dad and one of the biggest lessons was seeing the effect fuel efficiency has on the bottom line,” Daniel says. “You always know it’s important but until you see the numbers you don’t realise how critical it is. Kobelco really delivers on fuel efficiency.

“Three years ago, I wanted more responsibility so I bought a machine of my own and started Begbie Contracting.  The natural decision was to start with a Kobelco and the SK210LC-8 fitted my needs perfectly.”

Kobelco’s fuel efficiency is best-in-class, so when it came time to update his machine Daniel put himself on the list for the first Generation 10 machine to arrive in Australia. He received his new machine in late February.

“So far, the SK210LC-10 has not disappointed me. It’s averaging around 11 litres per hour of fuel, some of that has been idling, but I’m still really impressed.”

Other features of the Kobelco SK210LC-10 that Daniel has called out is the increased visibility due to the relocated fuel tank.

“We do a lot of council work in public places, carparks and other community areas so the extra visibility of the new machine gives me that extra confidence we’re working safely.

“The controls were light on the previous model but this new machine just takes this to another level. I just don’t fatigue when I use this machine, the controls are so light and easy.

“I have never had a problem with my Kobelcos, neither has Dad. They’re rock solid and they will be a part of our businesses well into the future.

“Dad’s earthmoving business was a huge part of my upbringing. I’d help him onsite during school holidays. He’s only ever owned Kobelcos and so I grew up on them,” Daniel says.

“His business is still going strong and he has four operators working for him.

“I focus on civil contracting while Dad’s all earthmoving and hourly hire so we complement each other. We both own trucks to transport our Kobelcos so we can travel to where the work is and we’re not stepping on each other’s toes.

“At the moment it’s just me and my Generation 10 Kobelco, but the goal is to keep growing the business and the fleet. When it comes time to buy another machine no doubt it will be another Kobelco,” Daniel says.

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