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New Volvo hydraulic hybrid excavators, same reliable performance


The new Volvo CE EC300E Hybrid Excavator offers a more environmentally-conscious option with improved fuel efficiency, without compromising on performance.

Featuring Volvo’s new innovative and unique hydraulic-hybrid Volvo Technology, the upgraded 30-tonne EC300E Hybrid Excavator harvests and stores the energy generated by the machine’s boom down motion to supercharge the engine system and support the engine torque. The result is an up
to 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption, improved fuel efficiency by up to 17 per cent, and up to 15 per cent less carbon emissions.

Unlike other systems that capture the swing energy to electronically assist the engine, Volvo’s hydraulic hybrid stores the energy of the powerful and regular boom down motions to charge hydraulic accumulators which then deliver energy to drive hydraulic assist motors to help power the engine system.

Hayden Grant, National Product Manager for Volvo CE at CJD Equipment, highlights that the controllability, reliability, and performance of the new hybrid model hasn’t been compromised when compared to conventional machines.

Volvo’s hybrid solution is reliable, easy to maintain, and simple to use with just a handful of add-on components. Simply have the ECO mode switch on and away you go. All the operators would see on the dashboard is a small symbol stating that the Hybrid system is working and how much charge is available.

The EC300E Hybrid offers rapid payback and is highly effective when used in dig and dump applications, especially when digging from a bench within a 90° swing. The machine is also able to work in both ECO mode and Hybrid mode simultaneously, with the same levels of controllability and performance. The Hybrid function is always activated with ECO mode to maximise efficiency. The Hybrid solution reduces the load on the engine, and in the process delivers up to 15 per cent lower fuel consumption with no loss of performance.

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In addition to hybrid functionality, the E-series models utilise Volvo’s new D8M engine with Advanced Combustion Technology. The D8M Volvo engine reduces rated rpm from 1800 down to 1600, while also delivering a five per cent increase in power.

Further enhancements to the E-series include a new adjustable boom down speed control, and priority functions to prioritise one function over another, such as boom/swing and boom/ travel. Response times have been enhanced with an electric control joystick and full electric travel pedals.

Volvo’s unique hydraulic-hybrid technology delivers an uncomplicated solution with reliable performance and straight-forward machine maintenance. It’s a cleaner and greener choice with lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption without compromising on power.

For further details, and to view the range of equipment now available with Volvo’s hybrid technology , visit or contact your local CJD Equipment branch


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