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New Terex® Backhoe loaders tough and versatile


The latest backhoe loaders from Terex incorporate several engineering improvements to boost performance and productivity.

The TLB990 and TLB890 backhoe loaders are versatile, powerful machines driven by a 100hp (74.5kW) liquid cooled engine.

Equipped with a four-wheel steering system and uniform size front/rear tyres, the TLB990 all wheel steer in crab-steer mode is able to operate within a turning circle of just 7.3m.

All it needs is the flick of a switch for the operator to select between four, two and crab steering. This versatility makes this machine an ideal tool for manoeuvring on tight jobsites or for tasks that require control and precision.

Terex has also redesigned the rear axle on both models to incorporate a heavy duty hydraulic power braking system that holds the machine safely in position on steep grades. This system acts on all four wheels in ‘roading’ mode for safer and more controllable braking in all conditions.


A redesigned curved boom delivers outstanding reach of 5877mm and dig depth of 4442mm, while a new inner slide extending dipperstick delivers fast working cycles for rapid bucket filling. The ‘banana’ boom design also helps lower the overall height when roading.

The side-shift and boom swing tower are massively built from high quality cast steel, with two double-acting slewing rams with a cushioned end-stroke that provides powerful and smooth slew capability, even on uphill grades.

Neat hose plumbing of hoses eliminates the risk of binding and durable cast steel components are engineered for long life and minimal maintenance.

Optional front fold-over forks may be supplied as a factory installation, while the 1.2m³ capacity factory 4-in-1 bucket has the mounting bosses all built-in ready to install the forks. The provision of standard anti-drop valves front and rear mean forklift jobs or suspended loads are handled in safety.

The backhoe parking lock is switch-activated and locks both the boom park and the swing functions securely for roading in one action.



Handling and stability on the Terex TLB990 and TLB890 four-wheel drive backhoe loaders has been further improved by using a new, cast hard-nose counterweight, which assists in a smoother ride and balance, as well as providing more robust protection for engine components.

The standard Ride Control works in unison with the anti-drop valve system, which covers loader and backhoe functions.


A top of the range multi-adjustable cloth upholstered operator’s seat with air suspension is standard and comes with armrests and every conceivable comfort adjustment, designed to accommodate any shape/ size/mass of operator. Adjustments are simple and rotation is also very easy with plenty of legroom due to the wider cabin design.

There’s an excellent view to the front due to a lower radiator/hardnose design and the rear view from the cabin is expansive for safe monitoring of the work area.

A two-way selectable pattern control system takes just a second to switch from ‘ISO excavator’ to ‘backhoe’ as preferred by the operator, while the selectable pump control is effortless; a ‘backhoe’ setting alters the sensitivity of the VDAP pump, so the operator still gets predictable performance and a great sense of ‘feel’.

Right hand side dashboard controls are comprehensive and easily viewed from either Loader or Backhoe position.


Regular maintenance and inspection of fluids and filters is simple, being conveniently grouped and located within easy reach with a bonnet release similar to the two-stage catch and release used in cars.

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