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New Takeuchi Models Released

Semco Equipment Sales has released new Takeuchi models; three excavators and a new compact track loader.


This new 1.7 tonne model is ideal for contractors who may be familiar with the Takeuchi TB215 and TB216 models. It has been designed for operators who are looking for a heavier machine for greater ground stability, a short-reduced tail swing and extended reach for high performance on smaller access worksites.

Featuring a longer undercarriage, TB217R has a 1130mm arm, 4000mm maximum reach and a maximum dig depth of 2390mm. More important, this powerful excavator, like all the range, features

Takeuchi’s legendary high-quality engineering and rugged construction designed to deliver a long and reliable life of high productivity.


An update to the very popular old model TB153FR, the 6-tonne operating weight TB257FR includes many new features as well as increased performance specifications.

These include a unique side-to-side boom, 105LPM high flow auxiliary output, and an updated spacious cab with automotive-style interior, integrated multi-function LCD dash panel, OPG level 2 roof guard and an LED night lighting kit.

This excavator’s Tier 4 39KW engine produces a 32 percent increase in power output over the previous model, as well as a 19 percent increase in traction force/pushing power. It includes other enhancements such as a handy retractable fuel transfer pump.


Aimed at filling a gap in the market, the 7-tonne TB370 represents the debut of Takeuchi’s next-generation technology.

The first of Takeuchi’s “3-Series” excavators includes features such as a large touch screen control panel that enables the user to operate virtually all the machine controls from this point.

The TB370 offers a whole raft of options, which are generally only available on larger machines of around 20 tonnes. This model will appeal to operators of 5.5 tonne machines who are looking for a machine that satisfies the road transport regulation limits while providing a flexible 7-tonne machine.

A completely new design, the TB370 delivers 120LPM high flow auxiliary output with adjustable flow and pressure and a retractable fuel transfer pump. The spacious and comfortable cab has an automotive style interior, heated air suspension seat, 8-inch multi-function LCD dash panel with touch screen, a 270-degree camera, OPG level 2 roof guard and a high-performance LED night lighting kit.


Completing the upgrade of the Takeuchi compact track loader range, the TL8R-2 design incorporates the latest advances for this rugged range.

The machine features larger and wider tracks and a quieter engine, a more comfortable cabin and improved controls, and instrumentation similar to the other recently released TL10V-2, TL12V-2 and

TL12R-2 models.

Like the TL10V-2, the new TL8R-2 loader features a wide 400mm quiet track design with a flotation tread. Another feature found on the TL8R-2 is creep mode with auto-shift that enables more precise travel control when using some attachments, a hydraulic hitch, excavator-style stowable sliding front door, updated spacious cab with automotive-style interior, integrated multi-function LCD dash panel with reverse camera, OPG level 2 roof guard and a powerful LED night lighting kit. An optional 128LPM high flow is also available.

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