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New Liebherr Mid-Range Wheel Loaders

New Liebherr all-round wheel loaders L 526, L 538 and L 546 celebrate their world premiere.

Numerous innovations ensure that the three models, L 526, L 538 and L 546, live up to their reputation as efficient and reliable all-rounders. The strengths of the new wheel loaders include a marked increase in the performance of the travel drive, modifications to the lift arms and a redesigned operator’s cab. The reliable exhaust gas treatment means all three models comply with the emission stage V/tier 4f guidelines. For the first time, the innovative assistance systems and new joystick steering from the XPower® large wheel loaders are available for the mid-range wheel loader series.

During development, Liebherr engineers optimised the proven hydrostatic travel drive on all three models. This has given the L 538 and L 546 models significantly more engine power and the L 546 now comes with an impressive new, powerful, six-cylinder engine. The result is a sustainable power boost with constantly high reliability. The hydrostatic travel drive means consumption remains low. This reduces both fuel costs and CO2 emissions.

Greater Productivity: Numerous Optimisations On The Lift Arms

With the new mid-range Liebherr wheel loaders, two lift arm variants are still available before purchase. One option is the z-bar kinematics with high forces in the lower lift arm positions. The alternative is the parallel kinematics with enormous holding forces in the upper areas as well as parallel guidance. It is suitable for industrial applications with heavy equipment such as handling metal scrap or glass.

Liebherr has redesigned both lift arm variants for the new series. The L 538 and L 546 models for example have been given larger lift cylinders, which has increased the lifting force by 20 per cent compared to the previous generation. The newly reinforced bucket arms with z-bar kinematics increase robustness.

The electro-hydraulic pilot control in combination with the standard bucket programming function means that bucket and forklift positions can be set on the large 9-inch display in all models. The powerful hydraulics ensure that the machine operator can also carry out overlapping movements of lifting and lowering as well as tilting in and out at full power. The result is more efficient operation and productivity increases.

The new optional stroke limit damping allows operators to protect their wheel loaders and also reduces vibrations for the machine operator. This function enables smooth moving to the end position of the working attachment and of the lift arms.

This increases the lifetime of all components, especially those of the lift arms and the installed attachments.

Focus On Convenience: Inspiring New Operator’s Cab From Xpower®

In the redesign of the operator’s cab, Liebherr has been guided by the successful XPower® large wheel loaders. The new cab of the mid-range wheel loaders is generous in terms of space – this is also because the pedals are positioned further forward by 40mm. A special feature is the enlarged, height- adjustable 9-inch touch display, which clearly displays all information. The optimised menu guide allows you to adjust all settings to the required situation even more intuitively and faster.

Liebherr has adopted various design elements from the operator’s cab of the XPower® large wheel loaders to optimise the sense of spaciousness. For example, the clearly laid out control unit and console, which moves with it provides space for storage options in other places. Carefully designed innovations also increase comfort.

These include the right-hand sliding window, which improves ventilation and communication with the outside, and the new, powerful air conditioning system.

The new cab’s large windows ensure good visibility on all sides. Items flying about, for example in scrap handling or recycling, pose a risk to the windscreen. Liebherr is therefore offering a protective guard that can be lifted up for cleaning work.

Safe And Convenient: New Joystick Steering And Assistance Systems

As with XPower®, the new joystick steering is available for the mid-range wheel loaders on request. For work involving numerous steering manoeuvres, it saves energy and makes the work more relaxed, as short movements on the ergonomic joystick replace strenuous cranking of the steering wheel. During this, the left arm lies on the comfortable armrest at all times, even when changing the travel direction.

The new joystick steering system can be operated intuitively because the position of the joystick always corresponds to the articulation angle of the wheel loader. Together with the force feedback on the joystick, this ensures the best possible operating experience. With joystick steering, customers can order the operator’s cab without the steering wheel and steering column if road approval is not required.

This design option without a steering wheel makes the cabin even more spacious.

Liebherr is also offering all assistance systems from the XPower® large wheel loaders in the new mid-range wheel loader series. This includes, for example, the  active personnel detection at the rear, the weighing device with Truck Payload Assist, the integrated tyre pressure monitoring system and the adaptive working lighting. The front space monitoring and the Skyview 360° camera system are also available. With these assistance systems, the construction machine manufacturer is supplying holistic solutions for the new mid-range wheel loaders in order to optimise safety and comfort in day-to-day work.

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